“S6.5 full disclosure” full chess pieces, fetters, Hex, equipment, lineup simulator

Hello everyone, I am a small fish, this S6 I am a day can not stay down, this S6.5 all hero all feet all hax broke the news, this has done the translator, please take the official online formal service as standard!1. Remove Remove pieces: Galen, Lance, Carter, Lux, Wing on, Urmi, Shamira, Thain, Akari, Mundo, Sword Hime, Big Head, Wind Girl, Mouth, Saco, Gem, Cannon, Troll, Card, Urgart remove Feint: War Academy, Empire, Cat, Holy Shield 2.New Fedger Hex Tech: Prince, Nightmare, Sertroni, Crow, Lucian, Bull Head, Xavier Raider: Prince, Excavator, Nall, Knife Sister, Xavier Shimmer Leader: Hilco Archenemy: Wei, Jinx Deacon: Wei Fire Man, Sindra, Male Knife, Leona, Delevin, Zeli 3.New/redo 1 “chess pieces prince, male, nightmare 2 pieces: fire, aircraft, athey tyrone (rework), excavator, sheen, pig sister 3 pieces: Della bud erna (rework), Lu Xian, pretty, morgana, Mr King,” she 4 pieces: o raccoon dog, knives, younger sister, DE levin, the old cow, Irene tower, mantis, wei (rework), bush, 5 pieces:Hilco, Zeli 4.The part of adding Hex is all computer turned over, the content is too much, I will sort it out tonight and work out the picture tomorrow.Last but not least, I wish you all to pass every exam, promotion and salary increase. Never bald, Keep away from illness, eat like a dog, eat like a dog. Go to bed early, get up early, take off the single success.This S6 I can’t stay all day, have the same feeling of a “look”!

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