SEVENTEEN’s livestream is pulled, Dino’s livestream mentions feminists, and DK is stunned

To put it bluntly, DK was doing a live broadcast alone. When he was about to broadcast, Vernon and Dino, his teammates, came back. There was a door opening, and Dino came home and said:”How today a little want to make a scene, this kind of day art source sister will be in oh, not in ah”.Dino said these words, of course, you don’t know the DK in live in the home, but DK heard Dino’s remarks shocked scared of directly, the fans may get me wrong, because the reaction of the DK is indeed a bit too much exaggeration, but fans should know that he is such a person, as for the subsequent immediately close planting is not because this matter,Because before his teammates went home, DK said he was going to play, just waiting for his teammates to come back and say hello to everyone.As for SEVENTEEN this period of live content was pulled from the shelves, more is mentioned the name of the 10-year, this is the big fear in the Korean artists live, and the words had Dino is very normal, but because the DK exaggerated response, let the Korean wave started to malicious coverage of the “quiet” word, in fact, as long as the DK keep normal state, calmly,Netizens will generally think of this person as a staff, but now the head member has fallen in love.Dino’s comments prove that Yiyuan was often in SEVENTEEN’s dorms, which may be hard for fans to accept, but after checking it out, it turns out that Yiyuan actually works for the company. This is not a rumor, but it can be found in the employee list.So now it’s up to fans to see if they can handle the fact that women are going to SEVENTEEN all the time.Small make up personally think it is a normal thing, and are not even live accident, the only controversial is the reaction of the DK, such personal characteristics cannot be avoided, of course, maybe he is worried about things and we worry about is not a thing, he is afraid of 10-year name was mentioned in his studio,Fans are worried about who this woman is, and it’s as simple as that.Things just happens in Korean doesn’t have any water, until the company had omitted the DK live playback only caused controversy, to tell the truth even if cut off the last paragraph also line, why should all the shelves, can only say that it is all too qiao, DK under normal sowing time we met he shouldn’t play things, it is very difficult,Maybe DK doesn’t think such things need to be explained, xiaobian think he doesn’t think users will fall in love with them by the head.Like Dino, there’s no way the girl he talks about is his girlfriend, or even the girlfriend of another member of his crew. No one can make jokes like that, especially in the patriarchal environment of the Korean Wave, where SEVENTEEN is so obvious that even fans don’t care.From beginning to end, only DK’s reaction is exaggerated, I hope we have more goodwill, don’t come up on the collapse of the house.

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