Shande medical good Anson: Sugar friends New Year’s day is great meaning, abide by the six principles, have a healthy year!

The Spring Festival is the most important traditional festival for Chinese people. Every family visits relatives and friends, eats and drinks, and it is very lively.But for sugar lovers, if the slightest mistake, enjoy the festive, may cause a big health problem.How to enjoy the joy of Spring Festival and stay healthy?Here are 6 principles to follow!During the Spring Festival, people are more nervous and tired than usual, which makes them easily fall ill and affects blood sugar control.It is suggested that sugar friends, especially elderly patients, should make early plans and arrangements before the New Year, so as not to be more busy.Entertainment and leisure activities during the Spring Festival are also an important cause of fatigue, to try to avoid emotional fluctuations, do not stay in the computer, TV, mahjong, card table for a long time.Even if it is the New Year, the order of life should not be chaotic, life should be regular, try to avoid overwork and stay up late, enjoy the joy of family, friends and relatives at the same time should pay attention to rest.2. Diet should be appropriate, control drinking during the Spring Festival diet should be done: every day to evenly take human grains and potatoes, vegetables and fruits, meat, poultry, fish, milk, eggs, beans, oils and fats a total of 4 categories of food, must try to do three meals a day collocation.It doesn’t matter if you eat a big meal once in a while, but relaxing often doesn’t.We should also pay attention to proper meat and vegetable collocation. We must eat some staple food at each meal instead of vegetables to prevent hypoglycemia.Some sugar friends also “ready” to increase the dose of insulin and take more medicine, to achieve the purpose of “mouth addiction”, but this approach is absolutely not advisable.Sugar friends to enjoy the flavor of the New Year, but delicious can be properly enjoyed oh, can be appropriate to enjoy a day of multiple meals, do not overeat.No wine is impossible, but it’s best not to drink it.3. Keep exercising During Spring Festival, you must keep up with exercise.You can do 30-40 minutes exercise 30 minutes after meal, such as walking, square dancing, walking at home or singing. It can relax your mood and consume calories to reduce blood sugar. More importantly, proper exercise can enhance the body’s sensitivity to insulin.Sugar friends who have the habit of morning exercise should pay attention to the exercise time should be late rather than early, the time of morning exercise can be relatively postponed, it is best to come out in the sun, seven or eight o ‘clock or so when the temperature is relatively rising.In winter, it is cold in the morning, and blood vessels tend to constrict, causing blood sugar and blood pressure to rise. Please pay attention to keep warm.Cold weather, sports easy to cause falls, but also need to wear non-slip shoes to guard against falling.Outdoor sports time had better choose in the morning, after dinner.In addition, the air is dirty haze days should not be outdoor activities, can choose indoor sports, such as walking, housework, marking time, do exercises.At the same time, sugar friends must not exercise on an empty stomach, carry some sugar timely supplement when exercising, to prevent the occurrence of hypoglycemia.4. Regular dosage, remember to take good medicine sugar friends do not take drugs or missed medication is very adverse to disease control.No matter insulin or oral hypoglycemic drugs, sugar friends should be used at the right time and do not leave anything behind.Some sugar lovers think not to take medicine on the first day of the New Year so that they can have good luck in the year to come, which is definitely not a good idea.There are some sugar friends during the holidays, there are some special circumstances, that the New Year to the hospital is unlucky, even if the situation, but also endure not to go to the hospital, stay at home, the result is more and more serious, these ideas are not desirable.So sugar friends to grasp the principle: “do not forget (forget to take medicine), do not endure (endure not to go to the hospital), do not avoid (taboo New Year medicine)”.5. Timely monitoring of blood sugar During the festival, sugar lovers must monitor blood sugar, blood sugar monitoring over the year, but the year.Blood glucose monitoring during holidays is more important for sugar lovers. During holidays, people eat, drink and play more, sleep late and get up late, have irregular meals, reduce activities and eat out more, all of which will affect the stability of blood glucose and lead to blood glucose fluctuations.Therefore, blood glucose monitoring during the holidays should be more diligent than usual, and should be adjusted as soon as possible in case of large blood glucose fluctuations to prevent acute complications of diabetes.The recommended time to measure blood glucose is as follows: fasting 8-12 hours of blood glucose;Blood glucose before three meals (when hypoglycemia occurs before meals, it can be measured according to which meal has low blood glucose);Blood glucose 2 hours after three meals;Blood glucose before bedtime (additional test when hypoglycemia occurs at night and blood glucose is high after dinner);Blood glucose between 1:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m. (additional test when fasting hyperglycemia occurs).During the Spring Festival, the weather is cold, candy friends need to wear more or less clothes according to the situation.When heating, we must pay attention to the prevention of scald, because some patients with diabetic neuropathy are insensitive to heat, especially prone to the problem of scald.Howansem is a sub-brand of Shenzhen Shande Medical, adhering to the brand mission of “using science and technology to create a healthy future”, dedicated to the cause of life and health, to build a healthy foundation for people’s family life, and to explore a daily auxiliary treatment for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases with high incidence in modern society.

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