Flower | watch the games from a different Angle: the pupil stadiums, icy hot

Reporter’s note: this beautiful meeting, let the ice and snow sports in the land of China “fire” up.On February 20, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics will come to an end.From the stunning opening ceremony to the exciting competition venues, the Beijing Winter Olympics have painted a magnificent picture of ice and snow.The memory of this world class sports event began with the Winter Olympics, but not only the Winter Olympics, China’s snow and ice sports fever has been ignited, with the “winter” wind, we together toward the future!Citizens wave the five-star Red flag and take photos in front of the countdown board in zhangjiakou civil Square on Feb. 3, one day before the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.The Winter Olympics came, the enthusiasm of the citizens, passion was ignited.Throughout the winter, the streets of Zhangjiakou are filled with a thick atmosphere of winter Olympics.Zhangjiakou’s public square has been transformed into a theme park for the Winter Olympics, with residents wearing red scarves and dancing to the tune of “Together for the Future”.On February 3, the torch relay arrived in zhangjiakou Industrial culture theme park.Torchbearers carried the torch along the Beijing-Zhangjiakou railway, China’s first self-built trunk railway, on a replica of the new Olympic fuxing “Ruixue Yingchun” intelligent bullet train.The rapid development of railway industry shows the great achievements of the construction of the motherland.The opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games was held at the National Stadium in Beijing on February 4.Due to traffic restrictions, we jogged for a camera spot and finally knocked on the door of a house that revealed that we were journalists from Chongqing to film the opening ceremony. The host graciously gave us their window to view the Bird’s Nest.With the opening of the Winter Olympic Games, the mascot “Ice Dun dun” a “dun” is hard to find, has become another winter Olympic Games outside the field of ice and snow romance and national carnival.Many citizens rushed to buy, winter Olympics licensed retail stores were “empty”.Zhangjiakou reporter reception station in the news center of the big screen to play “do you have ice dun dun dun”.During the Winter Olympics, journalists from more than 100 media organizations gathered here to record the wonderful moments of the Winter Olympics.Zhangjiakou public square has a huge “ice dun dun”, really can not grab the “ice Dun Dun”, here and it with the frame to take a photo also calculate to satisfy their small wish.Tourists line up on two magic carpets at linyu Valley Snow and Ice Sports Park in Zhangjiakou.Zhangjiakou, as one of the venues for snow sports, has welcomed tourists from all over the world. “300 million people on snow and ice” has become a reality.Guyuan County of Zhangjiakou is close to Chongli, which is the venue of the Winter Olympic Games. In previous years, the cold winter was a “window period” for tourism. Now, the scenic area has built a new primary ski trail near the lake and opened a winter ski camp for children, turning the “cold” resources into a “hot” industry.The Winter Olympics drive the rise of industry, zhangjiakou ice and snow equipment Industrial Park to introduce international and domestic well-known manufacturers.Indoor ski machines and dry ground curling facilities are made here, so that southern cities without ice and snow can feel ice and snow sports.Ice Dream Skating hall, with a total area of 33,000 square meters, is the largest skating hall in Zhangjiakou city.With the venue, with the popularity of the Winter Olympics, every day there are zero foundation of children began to learn skating training.Zhangjiakou Qingshui River, the government led the construction of an ice park on the glacier, ice skating, speed skating, ice hockey and other people can participate in.This group of hockey fans marked off a field and played together from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. every day.Age across three generations, 16 and 60 years old to play together, until the sun set, do not give up to leave.The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics have come to an end, and as night falls, the ice is covered in gold.Although the cold wind is cold, I believe that many people have a burning fire in their hearts, and continue to lead us to “the future together”.Yu Zhibin/Wen Zhang Zhi/Photo Li Wenke Lian Xiao/Host Kang Yanfang Zhou Ying/Audit (This article is from the new Chongqing client APP, please download to each major application market)

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