Go out for the New Year to be decent, prepare these 4 pieces of single goods is enough, simple, generous and good-looking

Wear every day build did not have feeling, feel every day he did not have the dress to wear, feel every day the girl that lacks a new dress in wardrobe, come to see these 4 sheet taste, contracted and easy western style does not say, return special good build.The point is that even if you go out for Chinese New Year, it will look decent.Let’s take a look at each of these items and make sure we don’t disappoint anyone.When it comes to the allure of a lace-up coat, we may think of many things, such as French slouching, a socialite look and a defined waist.But when it comes to how to deduce the charm of a lace-up coat, many people do not know, so, let me answer it.The diverse charm of the lace-up coat all comes from the lace-up. Therefore, when we wear the lace-up coat, we must tie the lace-up properly and wear the lace-up coat as a dress.Since regard skirt to wear, the choice that takes inside and shoe nots allow to ignore.For the inside, I suggest you choose a tight style of the inside, one will not be with the lace-up coat to produce a bloated feeling, and more concise.For shoes, I recommend wearing ankle boots with high heels.High-heeled boots boots tube after ankle position, together with lace overcoat, revealing a small cutting of the leg, between intangible added administrative levels feeling of the outfit.Single-breasted coat single-breasted coat is a classic coat, although it can withstand the test of fashion, with timeless charm, but fashion sense, not ordinary people can wear out, after all, there are countless people wearing single-breasted coat.Even for fashion bloggers, it’s hard to avoid feeling like a stranger every time.Under my careful selection and repeated comparison, I found out several models with reference value, such as “retro orange single-breasted coat + plaid pants” and “gray single-breasted coat + retro jeans”, which are full of retro style and more through the United States.There are bright single-breasted coat + white slit skirt such wear match, very elegant fashion sense not to say, but also very raise temperament, suitable for 30+ women to wear, also suitable for their lack of temperament women wear.This body “pink single row button coat + white turtleneck sweater + white suit pants” modelling, also be a good choice, reduce age effect remarkable and natural, at least let a person be five or six years old young.It is very important to wear decent clothes during the Spring Festival, but the temperature can not be lost. Girls who want to be decent and decent can consider wool-collared down clothes.The furry collar is designed to look warm, not to mention warm when you put it on.It is important to note, however, that hairy collars come in different sizes, and a down jacket with a big one is more manageable, warmer and worth choosing.If you live in a place that is not cold, be sure to try a turtleneck sweater, even a simple single wear is also very western, such as this “red turtleneck coat + white pants”, give a person a feeling of prosperity, especially suitable for Chinese New Year wear;And this “reddish-brown turtleneck + slacks” is simple and comfortable, perfect for everyday wear.Most importantly, turtlenecks don’t come in a variety of styles, so you can wear them with or with your heart’s desire, as long as your neck is long enough.About the New Year’s dress, I would like to introduce here, I hope that with the help of the above four items, everyone can have a good year.

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