Jintan “Blossom in multiple places” to create a New normal of Agricultural Law Popularization

Jintan District Justice Bureau of Changzhou city learned and implemented the spirit of the No. 1 Document of the Central Committee, combined with the characteristics of local agricultural production, played the leading role of Party construction, connected service objects and judicial services, and “blossomed in multiple places” to create a new normal of agricultural law popularization.We will consolidate agricultural “reference points” and hold legal lectures.In conjunction with the District Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, a team of agricultural law popularization has been set up to carry out agricultural law popularization in all towns (streets) to improve the quality of the rule of law among the masses.It has set up agricultural law lectures on planting, aquaculture and animal husbandry, introduced various agricultural laws and regulations and anti-fishing policies to farmers in detail, publicized and expanded legal aid and fishery administration law enforcement, and provided farmers with face-to-face consultation services on agricultural laws and regulations.In January, eight agricultural law lectures were opened, benefiting more than 1,500 farmers.We will deepen rural “strategic points” and enrich legal awareness activities.We will further do a good job in the publicity of agricultural laws and regulations, and steadily carry out a series of publicity activities to publicize agricultural laws.More than 800 copies of various agricultural law pamphlets were distributed through holding the propaganda Week of safe agricultural materials going to the countryside and participating in the square activities of “110 Joint” and “Constitution Publicity Day”.The wechat public platform will be used to launch the agricultural law answering activities with prizes, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of the masses to learn law;Compiled 57 “typical cases” related to agriculture, explained laws and regulations to farmers in simple terms, and improved their legal literacy.Seize the farmers “push point”, build the rule of law countryside.With the goal of raising farmers’ awareness of the rule of law and improving the level of rural governance under the rule of law, we will promote the establishment of a long-term mechanism for agricultural law popularization.On the basis of agricultural law lectures, we have carried out extensive education in the study of law and usage in rural areas, promoted the cultivation of demonstration households in rural areas in a point-to-point manner, and worked to solve the “last mile” problem of bringing the law to villages and households.Pay attention to “key points” related to agriculture and expand the objects of law popularization.For different industries such as veterinary medicine operation, feed production and pet diagnosis and treatment, we carried out law popularization and publicity in the form of point to point, and carried out technical services such as “Farm machinery warehouse Classroom”, “summer seed management network broadcast”, “Tangkou College”, “small stage play” and other legal publicity, which won unanimous praise from the people.At the same time, the relevant departments to strengthen the law enforcement inspection of agricultural products and professional drug management, guidance, prevent fake agricultural products into the market, harm agricultural production.

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