Opening preview | Baohe Jun World City 1.29 plus push, 2022 New Year hefei these real estate should pay attention to

Joy in to buy a house O seven eyes watching the Spring Festival is more and more close, hefei market officially entered the New Year’s “year of the war”, according to incomplete statistics, hefei six plate is new, in package respectively riverfront jun world city, by the open area extraction cloud building, the new station Helen fort agile LeJiu yue fu, China city garden, yao area one hundred dongcheng impression and changfeng county jindi comfortable city.Among them, Baohe District Zhongjun World City is expected to add small high-rise 1#, 3#, 8#, sprint to the end of the year on January 29.What is the specific situation?We look one by one: Jun World City: 1.29 plus push, average price 25,000 /㎡ Baohe District Jun World City is expected to 1.29 plus push small high-rise 1#, 3#, 8#, a total of 180 houses, the average price of 25317.68 yuan /㎡, the main family about 100-138㎡.This registration, the supply of 180 houses, successfully registered 397 groups of customers, including 63 groups of just need, ordinary buyers 334 groups, to reach the lottery proportion, again lottery.And the focus is, jun world city this registration and the last registration interval only half a month, push disk speed bar drops.Cuiyu Cloud Building: Small high-rise 10# will be added in the opening area. Cuiyu Cloud Building is expected to add small high-rise 10# in the near future, with a total of 68 houses, the average price of 22375.95 yuan /㎡, and the main apartment type is about 105-143㎡.1.21-1.24, through the registration of 10 building of Cuiyu Yunzhu in the opening area, a total of 68 houses (21 just needed), decoration of small high-rise, 22375.95 yuan /㎡.The minimum down payment is 30%.The results of the registration have not yet been made public.New station area Is expected to add a small high-rise, western house in February, the area of about 86-116㎡, the average price of 14200 yuan /㎡.Helenbao Jiuyue Mansion is located in xinzhan High-tech Zone longzihu Road north, east of Tongling North Road.The project plans 22 residential buildings, including 9 8F houses, 5 small high-rise buildings (11-18F), and 8 high-rise buildings (20-24F).The total number of houses planned is 1,324, of which 264 are self-owned and 1,060 can be sold.The project is adjacent to hefei TOD upper cover complex and Longzihu parking lot of Metro Line 4. According to the project approval document, the parking lot of Metro Line 4 is located at the lower part of the cover engineering, and the upper part is planned as sports land, and a standard 400-meter track and football field are planned to be built.Zhonghai Xiyuan: the new station zhonghai Xiyuan is expected to add the western house in February, the area of about 99 square meters, the average price of 17500 yuan/square meters.Zhonghai Xiyuan plans to build 17 new houses, including 5 18-22F high-rise buildings (including 3 self-owned houses), 6 11F small high-rise buildings, and 6 8F foreign houses. To build 950 new houses (including self-owned rental), a kindergarten of 12 classes should be built simultaneously.Baida Dongcheng impression: average price 13,000 /㎡, will be pushed 3 high-rise yaohai district Baida Dongcheng impression is expected to push 6#, 9#, 10# high-rise housing in the near future, the main area of about 113-162㎡, the average price of 13028 yuan /㎡.1.19-1.22 EA lot 6, 10, 9, 200 houses (60 just needed), rough small high-rise, average price of 13,028 yuan /㎡, 30% down payment is required if not just.Baida Dongcheng impression is located in yaohai District Zhongyoufang Road west, north of heping Road.The project covers an area of 2109 mu with a total amount of 2.5 billion YUAN.The whole project is planned to meet the needs of the development of the circulation of agricultural products in the next 50 years. With a high starting point and high standard, it will be built into a first-class international logistics point of agricultural products with complete functions and modern facilities, integrating trading, auction, processing, refrigeration, transportation and service.Changfeng County Jindi Free City is expected to add 50# foreign houses in the near future, with an average price of 13,500 yuan /㎡ and an area of about 110㎡, the specific time to add is to be determined.Located in changfeng North City office block, Jendi Free City covers an area of 246 mu, with a construction area of about 480,000 square meters. It is a low plot ratio, low density and high greening rate of foreign houses and small high-rise products.The project is near mengcheng North Road, Fuyang North Road and other main roads, with convenient transportation.Article source: Leju buy a house

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