People say that CX-4 and Roewe RX5 have strong power, but the “dot solution” finally chooses Veranda

People say that CX-4 and Roewe RX5 have strong power, but the “point solution” finally chose Velanda to look at the officer. Hello, you finally come in, I wonder if you are missing me.Here is the “crab crab” column patronage, and I wish the respected friends a bright future, a lot of money, lively and disorderly, ok, next to talk about SUV:Presumably better a “heavyweight” all know, SUV vehicle suspension position is usually very high, not only has through sex good, quality and reliable, also have better driving experience, which “the SUV also highlights one of the reasons why it is difficult to compete, and if you have received more and more support, and a lot of little brother’s act as a transport.This time with the officers in-depth comments on the safety of inexpensive SUV models, of course, will also reveal a lot of dry goods yo, I hope we can be generous to give advice.Model 1: Veranda (official starting price as low as 17.18W +) Sales situation: Veranda is carefully polished by GAC Toyota, and its sales performance has been relatively bright since its debut. Moreover, the final land price of Veranda is also very close to the people, so it has won the trust and pursuit of many car owners.Because: Veranda recently reached a new high in the market ranking, finally achieving the monthly sales of 16,700 units, which is the 15th place, Veranda’s progress is very obvious, and it is outstanding, bright new star, and no problem beating a number of strong models on the SUV list.Of course, there is no such thing as a flawless SUV in today’s world, but I still believe that the Veranda’s market strength is deserved.It’s because consumers see Veranda’s market power as an outlier.Some friends think: Veranda’s strong product competitiveness is our favorite, it is expected to soon be able to compete in the car market in the field of surprise.The overall appearance of the Veranda is very impressive and elegant, the thickness of the paint is well handled, and the family lines are embellished, leaving behind the ugly feeling of the past.In addition, the front face of Velanda is special, and the momentum is also large. The eye-catching waist line straddles both sides, which looks like a small waist. It exaggerates the contour of the hard style of Velanda, especially sexy, and integrates with the “tiger eye” headlights.Space:Landa space performance are quite human, and to the people to build a very comfortable feeling, the pattern of the physical area is very scientific, tablet, clock and other common household items can be put in, its size is 4665 mm * 1855 mm * 1680 mm, and even the back full three normal figure little brother also can become warped up her legs.So It turns out that Willanda’s commute is enough.That’s good.On the other hand, the trunk Angle is very good, so you can expect to hold a lot of luggage.The feeling that gives consumer is very abundant, it is the kind of type that the author especially likes meaning undoubtedly.In addition to its impressive waist and well-organized interior, the veranda is very sharp, with power up to 178PS and the main e-CVT stepless gearbox, so it is very good to accelerate and start.Meet the attendance needs of most salaried gens.And Veranda’s engine block is made of heat-expanding and cold-contracting aluminum alloy, which really shines because of its oxidation resistance.On the other hand, the displacement output of Velanda is absolutely very intimate. It is reported that the actual displacement of Velanda is only 2.5L and 2.0L. As the public knows, The Velanda built by GAC Toyota may be better than other suVs in the same class.Willanda’s overall appearance level is no doubt particularly outstanding, the front face is particularly domineer and dynamic, looking particularly tasteful.At the same time, The Legs of the Velanda are also very good extension, the seat does not feel crowded, and it is cost-effective, which is undoubtedly one of the most obvious competitiveness of velanda.The car experience of Ms. Wang, the owner of Veranda: The fuel consumption of Veranda is very considerable, presumably because it adopts high-quality fuel control technology, so the fuel economy of Veranda is very considerable.Let me put it this way, small make up of landa usually run a lot of traffic scene, sometimes stop-and-go traffic will be a little bit a little bit more, this kind of landa’s fuel consumption is lower, normal word integrated fuel consumption at about seven, in general, the economic efficiency in the normal range of wei landa, at the same level should be able to be called is the strong SUV market.So the author is happy that even the boyfriends agree that She is really a “thief” and practical.To be honest, it would have been even more if we were driving in the desert, where there are few people.As far as the author, a young student group, is concerned, it only needs to save some social fees, and it should be enough to pay for the fuel for ten days.So you don’t have to worry about the gas bill when you’re driving.Although the adjustment time of the suspension assembly is not so long, but it does not matter, out of the run-in period, the average fuel consumption of The Velanda is bound to be lower.Consumers have words: must have a lot of friends have such feeling: the suspension of landa place is a bit hard, although it is possible to make it easier for wei landa in sharp curves manipulation, when entering with poor road conditions, however, would have sacrificed most of the ride comfort, if older friends, sit inside is likely to feel pp can’t stand it.In addition, on the high speed abnormal sound is quite troublesome, some owners may be difficult to accept, in addition, when refueling can feel the position of the accelerator pedal sometimes shake, find customer service personnel, but later also said that I do not know the problem.In addition, 1. The plastic odor of air conditioning is very big when it is just started.2. The Bluetooth system sometimes appears intermittent embarrassingly, 3. The noise reduction effect is not satisfactory, and the second model: Mazda CX-4 appearance review: the overall “style” of this Mazda CX-4 is ok, which makes the author can’t help but have a look at it a few times.CX – 4 before the face of swashbuckling, Mazda actually CX – 4 and older Mazda gap is not very big, like a living tiger, China open size is not very big, compare the ground, and Mazda CX – 4 doorknob adopted some eyes, shiny chrome plated parts wing type led headlight is very good, look pretty sharp in the evening.And the side body is bright streamline shape, the waist line of Mazda CX-4 is absolutely unique, the roof line slides away from the B-pillar position, directly surrounded by the tail position to the front face, giving people a sense of atmospheric stability.And the paint on the Mazda CX-4 is very thin and soft, which is very beautiful.It’s the most perfect.The rear of the Mazda CX-4 is particularly eye-catching, and with its fancy LED taillights, it looks cool when lit up.Therefore, many observers have this feeling: Mazda CX-4 head turn rate is relatively high.My boyfriend thinks the Mazda CX-4 is absolutely brilliant.Famous car critics week grandpa’s evaluation is: when I the disposable money at hand is not enough ample time, often to the experience of offline store left a few times, now I feel cash Mazda CX – 4 times son, noise reduction effect on quite quiet, even if the weight of the Mazda CX – 4 so heavy, and so long, but the performance is relatively good.The third model Roewe RX5 93,300 ~ 139,800 appearance overview: the new Roewe RX5 is mainly focused on the practical and young route, quite good, the grid of the exquisite trim is very bright, at the same time the overall sense of nobility has also been widened a lot!In addition, roewe RX5 of the front face of the LED headlight style is quite proud, the chassis is low, still calculate can, on the road or feel like a duck in water.Waist line is matched with long body, attract eyeball very much, at the same time, taillight is quite chic, especially in the evening of dark wind high more glorious.Yi Yi unripe brightness, retained composed again.Very handsome anyway!About roewe RX5 interior comments: I am very satisfied with the interior of Roewe RX5, the assembly process is very good, small error, at the same time the rotating button and the air conditioning button have a unique damping feeling, can live up to the reputation of SAIC group.In addition, the luxury steering wheel shape of Roewe RX5 is very eye-catching, and the direction is also very accurate, bringing a more comfortable experience for the driver.At the same time, The roewe RX5 driving seat back design is very close, the processing of the degree of fit is also quite good, the internal padding of the seat is quite soft, sitting two “August 15” is quite comfortable, and the Roewe RX5 has not detected any odor problems.And the noise inside the car is almost imperceptible.Therefore, the overall driving experience of Roewe RX5 is very good.Dynamically, the start of the Roewe RX5 is certainly imminent.It was awesome. No stuttering momentum at all.Just touch the gas, and the acceleration kicks in.And its push back feeling is also very strong, noise reduction performance is also very good, usually do not feel deeply, the operating sound of the machine is not heard at all, this aspect is undoubtedly quite good.It is worth mentioning that, because its original power is very abundant, and I mostly on business trips, so it is not necessary to improve its power too much at present.Roewe RX5 has a very long front part, the headlights look very high-end, and the night is also very glorious.At the same time roewe RX5 network used avant-garde design is undoubtedly more handsome, silver chrome is more handsome, and the bottom of the bright decorative plate each other, look at the fashion and avant-garde, in addition, Roewe RX5 wheel is saic original factory, the size is also very coordinated, the whole shape is particularly down-to-earth gas.It looks very imposing.At the same time, with the lines of atmospheric design, the bumper is particularly lovely, it is a novel family model, more beautiful than the price of similar competitive goods.Noise reduction effect in the mainstream competing SUV is the most outstanding, I enjoy no noise environment.Roewe RX5 fuel consumption performance is quite good, not high.In short, Roewe RX5 cost performance is pretty good after all, the version of the high match actually does not need 130,000 tickets on the transaction, since bought Roewe RX5 xiaopian will occasionally go out driving.Roewe car owners RX5 Zou Dajie said: I am engaged in the business of wood, so is very good face, not handsome cars don’t just look on, but after bought the car, go out to do business all feel special style, often feel came up to touch the steering wheel, is pretty cool and handling, children often ask me outside roewe RX5 is what?I told you the Roewe RX5 was your dad’s ride.Juyou review 3: satisfied, I satisfied with the roewe RX5 is special, not only the price super good, and open at ordinary times also is very comfortable, I grew up like a car, is now fighting finally bought a private roewe RX5, driving the car also taste wonderful, especially with the boss level of enjoyment, and fuel consumption is not high also, is meets the requirements of my commute.The roewe RX5 has excellent handling and runs like an electric car. The car is priced at 93,300 yuan, 148,800 yuan and 171,800 yuan.It is worth noting that there is a difference between the standard price and the final naked car price. It is reported that the price of the naked car is 15.88W, Mazda CX-4 and Roewe RX5 are as low as 12.78W and 8.53W.Here xiaobian sincerely wish the respected observers laugh and live a happy life.If you are interested in this article, don’t forget to triple the key.People say that CX-4 and Roewe RX5 have strong power, but “point solution” finally chose Veranda to learn more exciting content, come to watch Xiao Wang

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