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Come to Sanyuan Village, Fuhong Town, and have a healthy mountain tour. Let your body move.S f township SanYuan Village (2 hours) s zhujiajian compound (lunch, dinner) s SanYuan Village hiking trails fu hong town SanYuan Village (3 hours) Mountain bike training base in sichuan province is located in the longquan mountains, qingbaijiang district is the first provincial sports foundation, is the TREK company, the international association of mountain bike to build domestic first “international mountain bike track,”The course is 6.4km long, with elevations ranging from 554 meters to 620 meters. It has a continuous 2-kilometer uphill and 2-meter high section.The course is centered on an artificial lake, and the mountains on both sides of the lake are winding and winding up and down. One section is the road around the lake, with a panoramic view of the lake and mountains. Sichuan Mountain Bike Training Base can be said to be a paradise for mountain bike enthusiasts in Chengdu, Sichuan, the whole country and even the world.Sichuan Mountain bike training base has long been carrying out mountain bike mountaineering, orienteering, rock climbing, field exploration, quality development, parent-child recreation and other mountain sports and leisure projects, which is the preferred resort for tourism, leisure and vacation.Zhu Family courtyard is located in Sanyuan Village, Fuhong Town. It is the best place to return to nature to experience characteristic rural life. With ten years of operation, it has harvested a large number of good customers.Due to geographical advantages, their chickens are selected high quality farm run pheasant, meat quality is more tight, coupled with a secret sauce mix, taste that can be called ba Shi!In addition to cold chicken, their baby ginger rabbit, cold carp all kinds of river dishes are also a major feature.In your spare time, climb the mountain in Sanyuan Village, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, breathe the fresh air of nature, enjoy the seasonal change of natural scenery, and have a delicious meal in zhu’s courtyard.Attention: New Year’s Eve – Second day off?Address: Sanyuan Village, Fuhong Town?Sanyuan mountaineering Trail, hidden in mountains and forests, stretches for 4.5 kilometers, passing through scenic spots such as cliff carvings, Heaven, Human beings and observation platforms, Huaqi Mountain, five pines and law-based promenade. It is suitable for people of all ages who like outdoor activities.Exciting mountain bike step by step and climbing health is the same theme life shines in the movement

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