Tell a good story of civil aviation people, plate a plate these years “Spring and Autumn film studio” works

China New Network Shanghai news on February 11In many people’s impression, Spring Airlines is known for its affordable air tickets. Because of its affordable fares and high punctuality, Spring Airlines has become the first choice for many people when they go abroad.In fact, Spring Airlines is not only a good pilot, but also a “film studio”.Here is a list of the works that spring and Autumn Film Studio has shot in recent years.On the fifth day of the Lunar New Year, February 5, 2022, Spring Airlines has launched a “time loop” themed micro film, one Hundred Tickets.The hero of the film tells the story of the workplace frustrated high all to make a choice, spring airlines bold attempt to use “cycle time” is a popular film and TV form become a brilliant film, high in the crossroads of life to make a choice, and again and again to overcome difficulties, and finally in 100 charter flight task in one day,Expresses the life belief that never gives up in the end.Classic films such as Groundhog Day and Edge of Tomorrow, which are well known to movie lovers, as well as the recent hit NETWORK drama The Beginning, all take “time loop” as their core, and their high concept is popular on the Internet.Spring Airlines’ keen grasp of the netizens’ pursuit of the concept of “time cycle” has enabled the micro film “One Hundred Tickets” to gain wide attention on the Internet, and derived the network hot meme “I Gao Fan”, in which the netizens express their belief to stick to the end and never give up.This is exactly what Spring Airlines hopes this film can convey to the outside world. On the one hand, it encourages everyone who has a dream to follow through on their dreams. On the other hand, it also encourages the industry and the whole society to face challenges bravely in the New Year when the epidemic prevention and control has entered the normal stage.Spring airlines began in 2018 in short video in an all-round way, “look at the spring and autumn” series of documentary film through the lens language expression about civil aviation professional people’s production and living, for different positions of the civil aviation people built a show ego, utterance is voice, “communication” with the outside world platform, spread the positive energy, singing civil aviation development main melody,Up to now, the documentary short series has produced more than 42 episodes, which have been viewed more than 80 million times.Summer hit in 2019 national opera “changan from birth” universal attention and discussion, and a spring airlines to borrow in the whole civil aviation pioneered “spring and autumn period of 24 h” documentary, 24 hours a day to observe axis, spring airlines each post, each department at different times real fresh work scenarios, with exquisite vivid lens language, reflects the spirit of civil aviation people,Let more passengers see the hard work of civil aviation personnel on flight safety and quality service, the industry peers and the public praise, domestic famous brand marketing research institutions included in the “classic brand case database” and won many awards.In the spring and autumn airlines trill short video platform, spring airlines make spring “o” short video series, led the audience in and out of the airport, such as the spring and autumn period and the office of the public eye “mysterious”, network expression package skillfully use collocation, originally the civil aviation scientific explanation of esoteric is lively and interesting, comment section often online “push” more, skilled technique and interesting imagination,Spring Airlines gained nearly a million followers on The Platform Tiktok.The continuous production of high-quality video works comes from spring Airlines’ ten years of careful cultivation in the field of social media.Spring Airlines is one of the earliest domestic airlines to set foot in social media. After years of operation, the total number of fans of Spring Airlines’ social media platform has exceeded 30 million, and it has ranked the top of the most influential social media of Domestic airlines for many consecutive years.Recently, spring airlines has been the broad masses of netizens once called as “the spring and autumn period and the music company”, for the spring and autumn airlines launched in December 2021, style of rap songs want to fly fly, lyrics into the spring airlines development achievements and contribution for the society, also joined in the songs choreography of a “bright spot” — Shanghai dialect to broadcast in the cabin,This not only shows the regional characteristics of Spring Airlines as an enterprise born in Shanghai, but also highlights its efforts to spread Shanghai culture and let more users feel the charm of Shanghai culture.Pay attention to new things, keep up with the trend of The Times has been deeply rooted in the spring and Autumn enterprise development gene.Chunqiu has always been adhering to the concept of innovation, practicing innovative measures, using its own inherent advantages to expand brand communication methods and channels, and sublimate the brand value from a higher dimension, so that more people know chunqiu, understand Chunqiu, ride chunqiu.Editor: Xu Jing

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