King of Glory Spring Festival 10 skin sales rankings, the first reason was so sad

During the Spring Festival of 2022, Honor of Kings launched a total of 10 skins. Which skins did you buy?Generally speaking, this year’s skin quality is not as good as the annual limit before, but still can not resist the enthusiasm of big guys to buy buy buy.So today, let’s reveal the top 10 skins for the Spring Festival.First of all, the price of a glory crystal can persuade most of your friends, and secondly, zhuge Liang’s skin is not worthy of glory.Look at the Infinity Hurricane next door. That’s what a glorified skin should look like.However, the king of the official is also in the emergency optimization.The eighth and ninth — rumeng makes these two belong to the skin of limited time return, believe that there has been a large part of the small partner has these two skin.So the sales ranking is relatively low this time is understandable.No. 7 — It is unexpected that the skin patting of Yinhu Red boxing by Pei caught tiger ranked no. 7, perhaps a large part of the reason lies in the low debut rate of tiger.And the tiger already has Messi, naturally no need to worry about new clothes.This skin of Lian Po’s Yinhu Royal Shield personally feel that both sound effects and internal effects are good, no partner can also consider it.Fifth place — Yinhu Incandescent of Lu Ban no. 7 unexpectedly, this year’s two legendary skins failed to reach the top.Lu Ban’s New Year skin is excellent in terms of special effects, but there are too many layers of skin, so many friends have their own choices.No. 4 — Yin Hu heart Song by Yang Yuhuan This is also unexpected. Before the sales, I believe that most of my friends think this skin special effect is the most inferior among the five.This time, however, sales were unexpected.Third – Sun bin’s Yin Hu Zhanyi recent meat knife flow dozen of fire also makes Sun bin’s debut rate soared all the way, coupled with this skin compared to sun bin’s other skin special effects or slightly better.The hot selling of this skin is due to the appearance rate of Han Xin during the holiday. After all, this hero is the existence of faith in the hearts of many friends.I believe there is only one reason, that is cheap, who can resist the temptation of 6 yuan?What do you think of your skin this year?Finally, I wish you all a star on the king, interested students don’t forget to like comments support wave ~~ I thank you here small partners.Any king of the question can be private message, see the first time will answer questions for you.

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