The woman was drunk and taken away by the table-sharing man, who found her in the hotel: the trash can was full of unidentified liquid

In real life, there is always a part of the girls think they are surrounded by a lot of heterosexual pursuit is a very glorious thing, think that this is their charm, so it will attract a lot of people favor, but they do not know that these places they are proud of, it is also a lot of people look down on the place!For these people, however, this is not the case. They feel that being invited to a lot of drinks and having a lot of drinks every day is an affirmation of their network and ability.For example, recently in Changsha, Hunan province, a woman fell into an accident because of drinking alone. Even when her bestie called the police to find the woman, the woman was still in a daze and not completely sober up.The woman was drinking at a bar with her sisters when she was spotted by a group of men at a nearby table. The men then asked the woman to join them for a drink because it was too crowded.In the face of the other party’s invitation, these young people are not too vague, then readily agreed to down, several young people sit together is also having endless topics, soon these people also drank a lot of wine.So, while everyone’s attention was still on the drink, one of the men left with an apparently drunk woman, and the two got into the bar’s elevator and headed straight out.The woman’s best friends, on the other hand, didn’t realize where their best friend was until they left for good.Because worried about the safety of the woman, its boudoir is also the first time to dial the woman’s phone, but when the bell rings after the discovery, the woman’s mobile phone has been dropped on the table without belt.And the man together with another man, after many times to dial the phone, the opposite came is always no answer.Such a scene let the woman’s bestie instant panic, then the first time to choose the alarm!With the help of the police, the woman’s best friends can only slowly check the surveillance, so step by step to investigate their friends in the end by the man to where!And the police is guessing that most of the general situation is to choose the nearest hotel bar, but after an inquiry is also did not find any clues to the man.But under all people can only view the monitoring again, after a view of the monitoring, the woman’s bestie is finally found the man’s figure, especially when see the man with the woman walked for a long time, just that the man seems to have been up to no good.And this time distance man took away the woman has passed more than an hour of time!When found the man’s trail, the police quickly attack, the first time arrived at the man’s hotel.When open the door, found two people lying in bed together, the police is also in the heart immediately feel bad.But fortunately, two people just sleep with clothes, did not find that there is too much action, but when the police found that there is a large number of used toilet paper in the trash can of the room, there are a lot of unknown liquid, everyone is directly to control the man up.Until this time, the woman seems to not know what happened, when that is his bestie police to find their own, and even directly to the bestie scold to “are you two sick?”Subsequently, in order to investigate the truth, the police will be directly brought to the police station for interrogation.After a trial, the result is also a relief!M: I’m leaving the city tomorrow, so I went to relax with my friends that night. My room is far away from the bar, so I took the woman to my temporary house.In at the end of the room, because each other some little drunk, and his love each other, so rest, holding the woman and the trashcan unknown liquid is also from my body, but is not accidental, but in order not to let yourself make mistakes so make of, besides lying on a bed, two people is almost without any physical contact.But as adults, if you do something wrong, you have to suffer the consequences. Fortunately, the woman did not encounter real harm, and the man also needs to be punished by the law.Otherwise, if there is an accident, it will be too late to cry.Qianshan think speaking of drinking, many adults are experienced, if they can drink, and friends together, so can relax appropriately, after all, even if it is drunk, there will be no one how much of what.But once there is a stranger, is bound to give yourself a chance to stay awake, can not let yourself drink to do not understand personnel.After all, who also do not know the future and accident in the end is which to come first, more do not know whether they are targeted by malicious people?But to come back, the woman of these bestie is really good, after seeing the woman disappeared, it is really spelled life to find, especially for such a long time, these bestie heart anxious appearance can be seen clearly is really the woman as bestie!I hope all women can remember, no matter when must know how to protect themselves, always stay alert and sober is the most important!

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