Abandoned by Alandron, divorced twice and lost her son in middle age, Romy Schneider is worse than Sissi

A really good movie is the mutual achievement of characters and actors.Take Sissi for example. Despite its early release date and modest plot, it has become a classic film for generations.And this effect is because the character and the actor are really integrated.Romy Schneider, who plays the heroine, once said: Sissi is embedded in my soul.It is worth mentioning that Romy Schneider’s own experience is even more tragic than Sissi’s.Believing in love, she gave up her acting career to follow in the footsteps of her fiance alain Delon.But when she fantasizes about becoming the wife of the other side, the other side has left a note and eloped with others…Romy Schneider was twice abandoned by her husband;In her 40s, Romy Schneider also experienced the midlife death of a child.Such romy Schneider, along the way is really too bumpy!In 1943, Romy Schneider’s parents decided to divorce due to emotional differences.Of course, behind this official statement, it actually has a lot to do with their beliefs and the camp they belong to.After all, love was less important than bread.So Romy Schneider, who followed her mother, hardly ever saw her father again.After her mother remarried, she was busy and sent her daughter to a boarding school.Romy Schneider didn’t like the way her stepfather looked at her when she came home from a rare vacation.Therefore, the lack of companionship Romy Schneider, in fact, very afraid of loneliness.Perhaps that’s why Romy Schneider wanted to be an actor.Because Romy Schneider feels safe in the spotlight.Luckily, Romy Schneider’s hobby isn’t too difficult for her mother, an actress.In 1953, Romy Schneider was taken by her mother to appear in White Tin Blossom Again;The following year, Romy Schneider appeared in A Queen’s Generation.It is also the blessing of this film, Romy Schneider was “Sissi” director fancy.Romy Schneider turned out to be the perfect actress for Sissi.The drama of her, lively and generous, the pursuit of a young girl love, dare to resist the courage of life, performance incisively and vividly.After three episodes of Sissi, Romy Schneider became an instant hit.Romy Schneider was once referred to as “The most beautiful woman in Europe.”However, while fame and fortune rolled in, Romy Schneider’s love life was extremely bumpy.Romy Schneider was dumped by Alain Delon and cut her wrists in 1958, when she was just 20 years old.In the play, the actor who plays the mistress of the heroine is Alain Delon, who is called “the most handsome man in France”.Alain Delon at that time, how handsome!He had fine features and elegant manners;When speaking love words, as if you are his world.How many women could resist the deliberate advances of such a man?So, after filming ended, Romy Schneider and Alain Delon became boyfriend and girlfriend.For Romy Schneider’s love affair, the mother, who always had a strong desire to control her daughter, did not agree.On the one hand, she says, such men are hard to control;On the other hand, love will affect the development of career.For the first time, Romy Schneider rebelled violently against her mother’s objections.Not only did she quickly get engaged to Alain Delon, but she also left her career in Germany to go with him to France.Although she had to start all over again, Romy Schneider loved being pampered.However, it turns out that a relationship without the blessing of elders is really difficult to maintain.In 1963, Romy Schneider headed to Hollywood to make The Cardinal.As soon as Romy Schneider left, Alain Delon joined up with another woman.It’s Natalie, the girlfriend of Alain Delon’s bodyguard.At first, Alain Delon was not very interested in the relationship.After all, he just sees Natalie as a spice when his girlfriend isn’t around.As many men say: home flowers no wildflower fragrance!However, things quickly went beyond Alain Delon’s expectations.Turns out, Natalie is pregnant!So, in late 1963, Alain Delon left Romy Schneider a note saying, “I am responsible for Natalie, be happy.” He disappeared.Romy Schneider slit her wrists when her fiance left her.But no matter how Romy Schneider tortured herself, she could not wait for Alain Delon’s return.Romy Schneider packed up her bags and returned to Germany after the relationship ended badly.Three years later, Romy Schneider met a director 14 years her senior, Harry.Harry may not be as handsome as Alain Delon, but he’s gentle, and he can handle all of Romy Schneider’s flaws.And so Romy Schneider nodded and said yes.The following year, Romy Schneider gave birth to her eldest son, David.In the years that followed, Romy Schneider’s career was going well, but Harry hit a wall.In search of inspiration, Harry drinks too much and does things that Romy Schneider would never understand.Then, in 1975, Harry suddenly filed for divorce.Moreover, he demanded equal shares of the property.Romy Schneider, who is seeking custody of her son, has no room to fight back.Romy Schneider later came up with a $150 million settlement to end their marriage.But the day after the divorce, Romy Schneider seamlessly married her secretary.The secretary, who was 11 years younger than Romy Schneider, took care of romy Schneider’s life and work.The following year, Romy Schneider gave birth to a daughter, Sarah.At the time, the secretary was also kind to Romy Schneider’s first son.At the time, Romy Schneider thought she had finally met her man after so many trials.What she could not accept was that when her daughter was less than a year old, her husband suddenly filed for divorce and left for The United States.Wounded several times by loved ones, Romy Schneider’s spirit was shattered.In the early ’80s, Romy Schneider was seeing a psychiatrist and drinking too much.Romy Schneider’s life was a mess during that time.But fate did not spare Romy Schneider.In 1981, Romy Schneider’s son died before doctors could help him in a wall accident.After that, Romy Schneider was devastated.No matter how much her daughter and friends tried to persuade her, Romy Schneider couldn’t get out of her depression.Romy Schneider died of a heart attack the following year.This year, Romy Schneider was 43.The goddess of a generation, just disappeared in the long river of history.Let’s just say, this beautiful woman, just like Sissi.Though she fought hard against fate, she could not win in the end.Such an outcome, really let a person feeling and feel sad.

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