After the US fighter jet incident in the South China Sea, the navies of 46 countries reacted to the wind!Lee Hsien Loong made an unusual remark

Recently, a US fighter jet crashed in the South China Sea. Recently, the US media reported that they are trying to recover the FIGHTER jet to prevent their advanced technology from falling into the pockets of other countries.Earlier, the US and The UK had been speculating that Chinese fishermen might directly salvage the wreckage of the F-35C because China wanted to know more.It has to be said that there is no need for such hype, China’s fifth-generation fighter technology has been in the forefront of the world, f-35C is not that interested in, there is no much reference value.46 navies coming?In addition, it is worth mentioning that if the Chinese side accidentally scooped up a US fighter jet while fishing there, then the US side has no right to ask the Chinese side to hand over the salvage to them.The US must have a pretty good idea why a US fighter jet crashed in the South China Sea.The United States and many other countries are constantly testing China in the South China Sea. Before that, a US warship even blatantly entered the South China Sea, which received a stern warning from China.In addition to the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean, India has vowed to contain what it calls Chinese infiltration in the Indian Ocean and has threatened to invite more than 40 countries to join in a joint exercise that will bring together 46 navies in February.India is proud of its grand plan.Take a closer look at the list, however, will know that it is difficult to forming the 46 countries, including us Allies accounted for a large share of, at the same time also invited friends of Russia, India aside Russia could not make herself in the United States and surrounded by U.S. Allies, Russia and China highly trust over the years, India since the exercises have on China’s intentions,It would have been impossible to successfully invite China.Lee Hsien Loong clearly saw that the United States and India and other countries continue to provoke China, India is easy to deal with, after all, India’s national conditions are there, it is basically impossible to really threaten China, but the United States is different, the United States is a superpower, both economic and military strength is higher than China.But for years, the United States has been reasonably conscious of avoiding and avoiding any real conflict with China.Earlier, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said that although there is a possibility of miscalculation between China and the US, the two countries are now interdependent and it is impossible to completely “decouple”.Today, some countries are backed by the United States and are provoking China crazily at the behest of the United States. But these countries should know better that the United States can never be relied on, and many countries have already suffered from it.Part of the news reference source: Xinhua net

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