Facing the forbidden area of human nature, the film reveals the miserable life of women in the old society

This woman was so miserable that her husband ran away on their wedding day.Father-in-law held a birthday party, the husband and aboveboard announced to marry someone else.Woman named Wan er, she was born in a scholarly family, because of the turmoil of the family was destroyed.Alone, Wan-er had to follow her parents’ wishes.They married the second young master of the Hou family in accordance with the marriage they had made before their death.She wore a white wedding dress and was calm about the occasion.And the groom hou two little in the non-stop resistance, finally, just under the coercion of the servants to complete the marriage.The attitude of husband and wife to each other, one is dispensable, the other is full of rejection.Their disagreement seemed to signal, from the very beginning, the unhappiness of the marriage.Later, the groom ignored his younger brother Mingli’s stop, quickly fled the scene.Wan er was in the hou family’s hospitality, slowly into the Hou door.At night, hou two little stay in the confidant Lulu there all night did not return, and Waner alone guarded the empty room of the night.The next day, the man, who had spent all his money, came back angrily, took the money from the house, and went out again.Wan-er wanted to help her father-in-law to stop him, but finally the man’s strength.Fortunately, his sister-in-law and brother-in-law pity Wan ‘er for her loneliness and treat her very well.On weekdays, I teach the children to read and write, and then chat with my sister-in-law.Wan – er’s life had also been plain and easy.His brother-in-law, Mingli, was a very gentle man who was studying business at university.His literary accomplishment is particularly high, especially love to write poetry, even once appeared in the newspaper.It was the old man’s birthday. He looked at his son’s sour poem in the newspaper and was deeply upset.Mingli did not feel that there was anything wrong, but in front of everyone, his poem to read again.Wan – er listened to the man’s poem and was immediately moved by his bold and straightforward remarks.So, close to help the man in the father where the solution.When the potluck that is in one family happy and harmonious, not filial son hou 2 little however is taking bosom friend Dew dew to catch come over.He disregarded wan er’s face, even aboveboard put forward, want to marry lulu door.Always gentle and well-mannered bright reason one listen to this words angry, do not love can, why want so ruin people!He ruthlessly criticized his brother’s behavior, but also ordered him to give Waner an account.Had a man to help head out, the Wan er that cries silently on one side also plucked up courage, want to follow hou 2 little divorce.But sister-in-law but hard to persuade waner, now everywhere is war, after divorce, lonely where can she go?Do you have to run away and join a distant cousin?The cruelty of reality let Wan ‘er had to give up the idea of divorce.However, at this time the master was angry, he in order to let his son straighten out, specially for him to marry a lady.The result hou 2 little not know good or evil, simply want to mix with an undesirable woman dew dew together.Hou master mercilessly angrily rebuked his son, then, he and Lulu together out of the house.After this, Hou Ershao simply moved into Lulu’s home, never to come back.Mingli understood ersau’s loneliness, and whenever she had time, she would play with her and share her hobbies with her.One of them loves to write poetry, and the other is born into a scholarly family, which is quite accomplished in this respect.They soon regarded each other as their best friends and talked about everything.Mingli is in the prime of his life. He loves literature and is also considerate.Such an excellent man placed in front of waner soon fell in the men’s charm.His sister-in-law secretly wrote to him as a pen Pal to encourage him.Unexpectedly, the younger brother had feelings for his pen Pal.One day, wan-er was reading a newspaper when she found a poem written by Mingli published on it.She sent a letter as a reader, encouraging men.To his surprise, Ming Li was overjoyed when he saw the letter. He quickly found Wan er and told her the good news.His parents and elder brother and sister-in-law mocked him for writing silly articles that could not be called poems.Only Wan-er had been helping him, and now he had an enthusiastic reader who understood him.Mingli immediately came to wan – er to share his joy.Wan – er, seeing her sweetheart’s delight, was glad to continue her role as a man’s reader and write encouraging letters.From that day on, whenever a sensible poem appeared in the newspaper, Wan-er wrote a comment and a word of encouragement and mailed it.And Ming li also through the letter on the beautiful words, recognized the other side is a woman for sure.He saw that the comments were to the point, and passed over all the letters as gentlemen.They soon became intimate pen PALS.Not only did they discuss poetry, but they also began to discuss the little annoyances of daily life.As time went on, Ming li could not help feeling longing for this unknown reader.He fancied that she must be a well-educated lady, and his heart grew fond of her.Mingli was no longer satisfied with daily conversation, but wanted to invite each other out to meet.For, reading between the lines of his readers, he was sure they felt the same.The Wan er that receives a letter is pleasantly surprised unceasingly, she is happy oneself affection got response on one hand, take into account the identity of two people uncle sister-in-law again on the other hand dare not keep an appointment.Who knows, have not waited for her to sort out their own thoughts, uneasy understanding to find come over.He was afraid of their girls meet about the move is too meng Lang, so, to ask sister-in-law’s opinion.Wan ‘er guiltily told the man that the requirement of this meeting was too inconsiderate for the girl.Ming Li felt very regretful and asked Wan – er carefully.If someone asks you to go out to meet, do you go?If the word, the top important go, not the top important…….The words have not finished, Ming Li on the first step to beat back, decided not to go.Wan-er’s heart lost at the same time, but also could not help but breathe a sigh of relief.But then, mingli went back on his word.Be decisive. Gone?See you!Absolutely.Wan – er’s smile froze on her face. at night, thinking of the man’s fear, Wan – er finally relented and decided to go out.But there is a prerequisite, is to sensibly bring a sister of his own past together.The next day, get sweetheart response of the bright reason, can’t wait to find Waner want to let her go together.Little do they know, this is the woman expected.Wan – er took the opportunity to make fun of Ming – li, looking at the man’s shy and anxious appearance, she felt very proud in her heart.To show his sincerity, Mingli gave Wan-er a pen and asked her to give it to Miss Reader.This pen is not particularly expensive, but it is a sensible next to the skin.The pen that has been used to write poems and letters is of great significance.Wan – er took her sweetheart’s pen and felt a surge of joy.The man silently fell in love with his pen Pal, but he didn’t know that he fell in love with someone he shouldn’t as time went by, the man couldn’t help but move the idea of meeting the girl.To my surprise, the pen Pal agreed.Soon the day arrived and they drove to a church.Mingli talked excitedly to Wan-er all the way.Because of the fear of offensive beauty, Ming Li decided to let Waner alone to meet, he kept at the door and did not show up.This decision pleased Wan-er and she went to the church with the pen.Then, one person acted the role of two corners, began to perform.As a reader, she enjoys the love and expectation of men at this moment.But, thinking that she was married, Wan-er held the pen in her hand and began to feel sad again.As soon as she collected her emotions and left the church, Mingli immediately jumped to the front of the chattering questions about the readers.Wan – er made up a non-existent person shyly at first.But when she sees that She is getting more and more involved, she immediately interrupts the man’s reverie to say that Miss Reader is already talking.Mingli lost for a time, he anxiously asked the sweetheart has a crush on people.Wan – er could not bear to make the man so anxious, so she told him that Miss Reader was not interested in the man.Ming Li instantly smiled like warm sun, let Wan ‘er also can not help but look full of joy.But before they can deal with this relationship, the war rings again.All the people in the streets were Shouting down Japanese imperialism.Hot-blooded young man bright reason certainly won’t stand idly by at this point, he began busy rise.While rehearsing anti-japanese drama with students, while calling on others to stand up against Japan.Wan-er looked at the orderly rows of Japanese troops on the street and was filled with anxiety.She wrote to the man as a reader, asking him to take care of his life and not get involved.Ming Li looked at the writing on the paper, as if he had understood something.The next day, he painted wan-er’s head on the ground, and his heart was filled with sadness.Wan er did not wait for the man’s reply, the heart has a bad presentiment.Sure enough, Ming Li came to say goodbye to Wan – er that night with his luggage.He asked Wan-er to tell Miss Reader not to wait for him but to find a good family and live a good life.Wan-er looked at the man in front of her, and there were so many things she wanted to say.But when it comes to words, there’s only one word to be careful.For this paragraph of doomed fruitless love, Wan ‘er can only bury it deeply into the heart again.Soon after, the town came to the news of the Japanese captive.Hou Fu took out all the family property, want to change his safe return.Even Wan-er handed over the antique calligraphy and paintings handed down from her family.But who knows, sent back the ship, but on the way, was sunk by the Japanese!Wan – er was so sad that she went to Ming – li’s house and took out the letter she had written to Miss Reader.My heart is a city in peril, whose peace is disturbed by thunder and hurricane, and I wander in deserted streets.My heart is a city in peril, its sky ruined by care and anger. I hope you will appear with your unreachable pen and bring me my lamp in the dark.After the poem, Wan-er felt pain like a knife in her heart, but she could never come back to the people she had missed.Released in 2012, the film tells the story of wan ‘er, a young lady, who paid her lover by mistake and missed her life with her true love.Born into a scholarly family, Wan-er should have lived a successful life.But the situation is turbulent, let her early taste the taste of family ruin.Finally, I met a bosom friend and missed my whole life for various reasons.We are glad that we live in a peaceful era, I hope that we can cherish the present life.

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