In the New Year’s eve Sun Haiyang also do not forget to help people looking for a son, a face slightly drunk, even mai was abducted child father

New Year’s Eve is the most important day for Chinese people. At noon on New Year’s Eve, More than 20 members of Sun Haiyang’s family, including other relatives, had a reunion dinner.Because the heat of Sun Haiyang’s family is very high, a news agency sent a reporter directly stationed in the vicinity of Sun Haiyang’s home, and Sun Haiyang launched a cooperative relationship, live broadcast the picture of sun Haiyang’s family to eat the reunion dinner.A lunch is everyone enjoy, Sun Haiyang naturally also drank a lot of wine, can see is sun Haiyang a little drunk ah, red face, talk is also some floating.But after seeing the terrifying crowd of more than two million people in the studio, Sun decided to do something about it.Sun Haiyang did not smug, but immediately thought of more than 2 million people to see my live broadcast, if this is to play advertising is not more significant.So Sun directly contacted a parent who was still looking for their child.And in the live broadcast room Sun Haiyang also directly told the opposite of the parents said, I am now in a platform of the live broadcast room, there are more than 2 million people watching, just to help you do an advertisement.When asked if the parent had a good meal at noon, the parent on the other side answered that this year was really not good, the meal was not good enough, showing a worried face and wanted to find the child as soon as possible.And Sun Haiyang said you don’t worry, because now the police uncle have more advanced technology, what’s more, your child’s photo is so clear, I believe you will soon be able to find.After the end of the wheat, Sun Haiyang went to rest!The following live broadcast shot was the reporter to shoot the picture of Sun Hui, then Sun Hui also went to rest, the reporter ended this live broadcast.This live broadcast comes down, we can see sun Ocean this person’s quality not hard.A lot of people feel Sun Haiyang has such popularity, is superhigh heat too sought after?But read sun Haiyang’s live broadcast, won’t think so, even produce he should fire.Why everyone is willing to help Sun Haiyang, it is because Sun Haiyang is a person, work let a person feel beautiful.Looking for children have perseverance, life kindness, also won’t be proud because of fame.After becoming famous, Sun Haiyang also continuously went to promote other children who have not been found!Even live with goods also do not forget in each of the goods are mixed with a large number of missing person notices.And after sun haiyang and his wife found their child, they also used their connections and previous experience to inform other families.In just over a month since becoming famous, two children, Namely Chen Junkun and Zhang Yangyang, have been found thanks to the help of Sun and his wife.On New Year’s Eve, Sun Haiyang ate a big family reunion dinner at noon, very happy and comfortable, but also drank a small wine, but still can think of other families.After the cooperation with the news media, found the popularity of the terror of the live broadcast room, the brain instantly sober, immediately think of can take this opportunity to help friends publicity, such sun Ocean can not be respected by everyone?And this is the reason that everybody likes Sun Haiyang, also hope Sun Haiyang can continue high-profile go down.

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