It’s the annual mind-burning mystery movie, and it’s awesome

The only thing movies do is make life more interesting than movies, and two weeks after the Spring Festival holiday, cinemas are buzzing again.Tomorrow will see the first post-holiday Hollywood blockbuster – Agatha Christie’s classic adaptation of Death on the Nile.Death on the Nile, written by Agatha Christie, is one of the most enduring works in the history of mystery fiction.More than 80 years have passed since the original novel was first published in 1937.It is the first remake in 18 years after the 1978 movie and the 2004 TV movie.The 1978 film version and the 2004 TV movie version xiao Wan are here to talk to those who are not familiar with the original story about the enduring appeal of the story.As the title suggests, Death on the Nile takes place, of course, on the Nile in Egypt, on a cruise ship, to be precise.But the story begins long before that, when young Jacqueline introduces her engaged boyfriend Simon to her best friend Lynette.Unexpectedly, boyfriend and bestie fell in love at first sight, feelings dark life, directly kicked her into a newlywed couple.Unfaithful boyfriend fickle, scheming bestie horizontal knife snatched love, this can endure?So the resentful Jacqueline has been tracking harassment during their honeymoon, unwilling to reconcile their failure to this pair of unfaithful men and women in every way, almost haunting the men and women to get tired.In the end, they all boarded the luxury ship for a tour of Egypt.The first half of the story is more of a revenge thriller, culminating in a love triangle and an undercurrent of jealousy that puts Lynette’s life in jeopardy while she’s on her honeymoon.One of the characteristics of the layout of Death on the Nile is that the murder takes place after half the length has passed, and there are three murders in succession, so the story develops quite quickly.By comparison, the previous infighting was a bit of a drag.Is it really procrastination?Of course not.Like “murder on the Orient express”, “death on the Nile river is also a group of movie works, in addition to the three parties case, ship together with forest and a group of giving by knight have associated anyone else – someone because my father was forced bankruptcy and bears a grudge against her, others wanted Lin knight jewelry want are your own,A writer is warned for slandering Linnette, linnette’s maid is angry about money, and German doctors want to silence linnette over a medical scandal.In this mystery novel common “everyone has a motive” classic layout, linnette’s death, who is involved, and as the major detective Poirot unfolds the truth of the case, the conspiracy and calculation of the case is even more stunning…In 2017, Kenneth Branagh directed and starred in Murder on the Orient Express, also based on Agatha’s mystery novel, as poirot, while assembling a super-luxurious cast of stars.Five years on, can death on the Nile, a long-overdue sequel, be a worthy new film again?Judging from the cast, Gal Gadot may be the reason many people choose to buy tickets. She plays the victim Linnette in the film, which can be said to be a perfect casting. Beautiful, elegant, innocent but not pathetic, Gadot’s performance is quite worth waiting for.In addition, Emma McGee, who got a lot of attention in The Sex Study Room, plays the role of the infatuated ex-girlfriend.Mia Farrow’s Jackie is a classic in the 1978 version, one of the highlights of which is her morbid image, constantly consumed by jealousy and possessiveness.In addition, Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones stars Ruth Leslie as Lynette’s maid Louise, previously played by Jane Birkin;Letitia Wright of the Marvel Universe stars as the alcoholic author’s daughter, as opposed to Olivia Hirsey.For those of you who saw the 1978 version, the cast may be a bit of an understatement, as it also featured maggie Smith, Angela Lansbury and Bette Davis from the classic Hollywood period.Maggie Smith and Bette Davis from 1978, but since the remake, we’re looking forward to a new interpretation and zeitgeist.The core of Murder on the Orient Express is “collective crime”, which is a question about whether lynching is reasonable when the law is useless. Although Poirot does not give an answer in the end, he chooses to let the participants accept their own fate.In Death on the Nile, the core of the story is that after the tragedy, everyone in the story reflects on their inner desires.It encourages us to scramble, fight and even commit crimes. Do we win, or does desire win?Death on the Nile was written in the 1930s, while the original classic film was made in the 1970s.Nearly a hundred years later, the story is still being retold and accepted, perhaps because people of all ages are driven by different desires and needs.Meanwhile, lead actor and director Kenneth Branagh has said in an interview that he hopes to make the new poirot detective story into a series and create a new narrative universe.After Murder on the Orient Express and Death on the Nile, will the final book in Poirot’s “overseas detective trilogy” be on the agenda? Will the so-called “Poirot Universe” really take shape?Recent years have seen a new wave of detective work, from Hollywood’s “Knives Out” to China’s “Detective Chinatown” and “Manslaughter” series.From original stories to adapted classics, lavish casting and elaborate production, as well as a mix of genre elements, have pushed traditional mystery works from a niche audience to a larger audience.For the audience, it is the most happy and satisfying to see a tense, suspenseful and brain-burning good story on the big screen.Note: some of the pictures in this article come from Douban and the network. If there is any infringement, please contact us.

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