The class of 200000!American luxury Enkoway Plus: 2.0t light mix, 5/7 seat, high four-wheel drive

When it comes to American cars, we can really think of Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Jeep and a series of models.But here there is a distinction, is exactly calculating do not calculate the buick cars, in fact, we would like to place a question mark, because in the u.s., buick in too little, just keep the symbolism, and the world in addition to China, it is hard to see the buick cars, so my understanding is that buick is one of the more general joint hatch China adapt to China’s joint venture car companies.Its new cars are well-positioned to address some of the needs of Chinese consumers, such as bigger looks, more luxurious interiors, more power and generous price discounts.It is also due to these advantages, so many years, Buick in China is on a steady footing, sales basically did not encounter too much resistance.Buick’s accurate grasp of Chinese consumers is also getting higher and higher.A very simple example, you know the Buick Envision, which sells well.Buick saw the Prospect of the Envision, so it launched the Envision Plus on the basis of the Envision. In fact, we can see from the name that it is quite different from the Envision, and the price is more high-end.Envision Plus manufacturer guide price for 229,900 ~ 309,900 yuan, Buick preferential range will exceed your imagination, here we will not do too much to reveal the story.From the design point of view, the overall design and the coldwell indeed gap is quite obvious, the whole body of the luster and design feeling than the coldwell more excellent, the design of the used car is full and rich attack, somewhat akin to ivey, modelling, large intake China open, matrix of chrome-plating decorations, razor sharp sharp headlights, surrounded by modelling the motion,All have a good design aesthetic, and put together, let us feel that this is a luxury car full of temperament.From the side, the new car has privacy glass, the largest wheels are 20 inches in size, and it has a slightly darker effect, which makes the visual feel quite different from the regular model.As for the rear design, you can feel the whole rear looks more stocky, in fact, with another model ancore already has a similar idea.If familiar with the ancore friends, should be able to feel that the new car is borrowed from buick import car Ancore.In terms of body data, envision Plus is a medium-sized SUV with a length of 4845/1883/1695mm and a wheelbase of 2833mm. This model has five and seven seat designs.As for the interior, I personally think buick’s interior is actually better than its big brother Cadillac’s.The design of the whole interior is simple in science and technology. The built-in tilted large screen has a good aesthetic, and the light can feel that it is full of good design from the visual sense.But LET me tell you, Buick’s vehicular interaction system is not as powerful as imagined. The driving computer screen is equipped with an 8-inch color LCD screen, while the center control screen is equipped with a 10-inch color screen design.Some owners report that the two electronic screens are not at the same level, so they look tired.Of course, the aesthetic is fine, but the practical part needs to be improved.As for the block design is the configuration of the button type, with a multi-functional leather steering wheel, practical performance is good, with more smooth.The seats are perforated leather, and the panoramic sunroof, which can be opened, is standard.Ride comfort is not mentioned. If you buy seven seats, the seat layout is 2+3+2, and the rear seat supports proportional recline.In fact, I have a question that the Envision Plus actually overlapped a lot of the design of another flagship model, the Envision Plus, the better it sells, the more impact it has on the Envision Plus.Power system, buick’s power system is not too much to explain, most of the configuration is equipped with 2.0t turbocharged engine, maximum power 237 HP, peak torque 350N·m, also has a 48V light mixing system for support, the engine is equipped with variable cylinder technology.The powertrain, used in buick, Chevrolet and Cadillac, is a novelty.Of course, the Envision Plus actually comes with a 1.5T powertrain, which I personally wouldn’t recommend, as it’s designed to keep the price down.As for the chassis design, there are two types of chassis, front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. If you want to buy the four-wheel drive Envision Plus, the price starts at 263,900 yuan.

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