If you look at what happened to Huang xiaoyun in The Voice of God 1, you will see that Angela Chang is suitable for the role of mentor

Two days ago, Hu haiquan mentioned on Zhejiang TV that the third season of “The Voice of God” will premiere next month, and this year he will be the show’s resident musicians along with Hu Yanbin, Angela Chang and Zhou Shen.One of the most controversial things about “The Voice of God” over the years has been its scathing comments about its singers.Sa Dingding, He Jie, Jiang Yingrong and so on, have been criticized to cry in the program, in fact, there is a singer in the first season of “The Voice of God” is also the whole cry, she is now the voice of good little teacher excellent singer Huang Xiaoyun.When Huang Xiaoyun participated in the first season of The gift of Heaven, and Hang Tianqi sang the “Baikal Lake” together, Huang Xiaoyun sang obviously to throw hang Tianqi a few streets, but when it was the teacher’s comment, with most of the praise Hang Tianqi, disparage Huang Xiaoyun.Hu Haiquan kua Hang Tianqi is the pioneer of pop music, to Huang Xiaoyun with the teacher to learn how to sing with feelings, hu Yanbin’s turn to comment, he said more objective, said singers need a process of experience.When it was Ding Wei’s turn to comment, she said that Hang Tianqi was singing with emotion, while Huang xiaoyun only used messy skills, so it must be wrong to sing like this. Ding Wei was famous for her bad mouth and was later asked to leave the show.Who gave ding Wei the confidence to belitten huang Xiaoyun, the double champion of the Central Conservatory of Music so boldly?Finally it was Angela chang’s turn to comment, she said that Huang xiaoyun was so shining on the stage, so professional and so great, as long as she did not go against her heart in music, she should be affirmed and supported.It is worth mentioning that Wei Xuemen still spoke his heart and encouraged Huang Xiaoyun at that time. Huang Xiaoyun should have experienced this warm scene.Hang Tianqi, Ding Wei how they are now, I don’t need to say it again, Hu Haiquan and Hu Yanbin is the “The Voice of God” nail, and Angela Chang appeared in the Year of the Tiger CCTV Spring Festival Gala this year.Now recall the first two seasons of “The Voice of God”, used to criticize others ding Taisheng and Ding Wei has become the past, now with the joining of Zhou Shen, the comments should become more harmonious.Last year, zhou Chuanxiong, the godfather of love songs, was criticized by the younger generation, and the program team of “The Voice of God” was criticized by the whole network. The third season of “The Voice of God” will soon be launched this year, and we hope that the new zhou Shen and Angela Chang can work together to elevate the program to a higher musical level.

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