Ten misunderstandings in winter health care

Winter cold, dry air, in such a climate environment, some people some habitual health practices but there are a variety of misunderstandings.In winter, there are many patients with respiratory infections. Some people think it is the cold air that hurts their lungs, so they often wear a big mask when they go out.In fact, the nasal cavity and the whole respiratory tract are covered with mucous membrane, and there are rich blood vessels under the mucous membrane, and the blood circulation is strong. When the cold air is inhaled into the lungs through the nasal cavity, it has been preheated by a series of cavities and is close to the body temperature, so it should not stimulate the respiratory tract, especially the lungs.So wearing a mask can only protect the cheeks to a certain extent.The cold resistance of the human body should be enhanced through exercise. If it is completely dependent on wearing masks to prevent cold, it will make the body become delicate and can not adapt to cold weather, so it will catch a cold.Through moderate physical exercise can improve the cold resistance of the human body.When the lips are dry and uncomfortable, many people subconsciously lick them with their tongue. The result is that the more they lick the more dry, forming a vicious circle, and even causing the lips to become rough and thick, forming the medical “tongue licking dermatitis”.This is because saliva contains mucin protein, saliva amylase and inorganic salts, licking lips, as if on the lips with a layer of paste, water evaporated, this layer of paste dry shrinkage, so the lips feel more dry, and even cause lip rupture bleeding.Some people love chilblains, thinking that it is because of the cold weather and the lack of clothes, shoes and hats.So just feel cold, on cotton-padded clothes, gloves, cotton boots, wrapped up, but do not know that doing so, will weaken the body’s ability to adapt to the cold, and because of the restriction of movement, peripheral blood circulation is not enough, but more prone to chilblains.Correct course of action is, clothings are appropriate, attend all sorts of sports more, often rub hands, stomp feet, bath with hot bubble.Besides, some people believe that the more you wear, the warmer you will get.That’s not the case.Because clothing itself does not have the function of producing heat, only the function of keeping warm.A good air layer is formed between the clothes and the body and between the clothes to form a microclimate zone, which slows down the conduction between the cold air outside and the hot air of the skin, so as to preserve the heat of the human body and make people feel warm.However, when clothes are worn too tight, the air layer between clothes becomes very thin, but speed up the heat conduction of human body, the warmth of clothes is greatly reduced;Look from physiology respect, dress overmuch, can restrain the sensitivity that human body adjusts function, abate human body to keep out cold ability.People’s hands and feet are exposed to the cold air outside for a long time in winter, and blood vessels shrink and blood flow decreases.At this point, if in order to quickly make hands and feet warm in a short time, and put the cold hands and feet on the stove side baking heating, easy to cause paralysis of hands and feet blood vessels, lose contractile force, appear arterial stasis, capillary dilation, permeability enhancement, local stasis and other symptoms.Mild forms of chilblain, severe tissue necrosis.So if you want to warm your frozen hands and feet, gently rub them and let them return to their normal temperature. When the skin turns red, move to a heater or put hot water in it.Similarly, some people believe that if the face is numbed by cold wind, washing your face with hot water will quickly restore the normal temperature to your face.In fact, the face of the person in winter is stimulated by cold air, sweat glands, capillaries show contraction state, when meeting hot water will expand rapidly, so easy to make facial wrinkles.It is best to wash your face with warm water slightly lower than body temperature, so that qi and blood operation slowly return to normal.Winter temperature is very low, some people in order to keep warm and shut the doors and Windows tightly, resulting in long-term indoor ventilation.The excrement of dust, human body itself and the chemical substance that wall and furniture send out are often diffused in the bedroom with closed doors and Windows, etc., harmful gas is highly concentrated.Therefore, in the cold winter, at least 45 minutes of ventilation should be opened in the morning, in the middle and in the evening. At the same time, we should pay attention to eating vegetables, kelp, fruit, pig’s blood and other anti-pollution food in the diet to keep the human body clean.Misconception six: Sleeping with a head can avoid cold winter night temperature is low, many citizens sleep at night, in order to avoid cold always like to cover face curled up in bed.In fact, the air in the bed is very turbid, airflow is not free, and oxygen is limited, so it is easy to inhale a lot of harmful gases into the body.Wake up in the morning, not only did not achieve the purpose of rest, but often make people feel nausea, dizziness, chest tightness, brain swelling.So when you sleep, you must expose your head and face outside, especially for teenagers and children.Taking a bath can not only clean the skin, but also promote blood circulation, but it should not be too frequent in winter.Because the water temperature is hotter when taking a bath, coupled with more soap, a long time, the skin is prone to the phenomenon of desquamation and itching.On the other hand, due to the low temperature in winter, the protective film on the skin surface is very slow to recover. The protective film damaged by the first bath has not been restored, and the second bath is easy to cause skin water shortage, which is also one of the reasons why many people itch for a long time.In winter, it is best to bathe every three or four days, and the water temperature should not be too high, can reduce the dryness of the skin and the occurrence of itching feeling.In winter, the days are short and the nights long, so there is relatively little activity during the day and you hardly sweat.Some people think that there is no need to drink water without thirst, which is very bad for health.In fact, due to the large temperature difference between the human body and the outside world in winter, the heat exchange between the human body and the air is more significant, and the heat and water of the human body will continue to spread to the air through evaporation and vaporization. On the other hand, the air itself is very dry in winter, and the water of the human body is more easily distributed.In addition, water is an indispensable material to ensure the constant temperature of the human body, and it contains more heat energy than other substances under the same conditions.Therefore, drinking water regularly in winter can supplement the water in the body and store more heat.In winter, many men often turn to alcohol to ward off the cold.In fact, drinking can only give people a warm feeling, warm feeling will be more cold.This is because after drinking alcohol, the skin is warm because the small blood vessels in the skin are widely dilated and heat is released through the skin.But alcohol, after all, is different from energy material such as protein, fat, carbohydrate, it produces little heat, 10 g of alcohol oxidation in the body can release only 71 calories of quantity of heat, so drink, due to the abnormal body heat dissipation can make a lot of heat loss, gentle feeling before long will be replaced by the cold.Therefore, drinking alcohol does not provide protection from the cold.In addition, regular drinking will lead to the weakening of human immunity and cold resistance ability, viruses and bacteria may take advantage of the opportunity to cause colds or other diseases.As we all know, meat is rich in protein and fat, which can supply heat to the human body, especially dog meat, beef and mutton and other meat food and warm effect. In winter, eating more meat appropriately can enhance the cold resistance of the human body.However, vegetarianism such as vegetables and fruits is an important source of micronutrients such as vitamins and mineral elements. These micronutrients participate in the metabolism of high-calorie food. If they are lacking, high-calorie meat diet will not play the role of cold resistance, and the body will have health crisis.Therefore, winter diet should be meat and vegetables with food, to ensure that the human body to obtain balanced nutrition.Content from China Meteorological Science network statement: reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn

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