The most powerful organization in China: football Association

Since the first day after losing to Vietnam, although Chinese football be scold the dog blood spray head, but scold scold, return loss, these guys seem to have been accustomed to being scolded, is not motivated, occasionally come out several Dui each other with the fans on the Internet, even QiSai, withdraw money, celebrate birthday, resist wage cuts, and the football association also turn a blind eye,Even took out the broken pot broken, Lao Zi the first spirit, still go its own way, let a person not praise, the Football association is the most bovine organization in China.It is understood;The Chinese Football Association (CFA) is the only national non-profit social organization voluntarily established by units and individuals engaged in football within the territory of the People’s Republic of China. It is subordinate to the General Administration of Sport of China.Due to the nature of its social group, there is no administrative level.The main functions of CFA are: to study and formulate football development plans, plans and policies;Responsible for and guide the construction of the project club and the cultivation of reserve talents, and manage the national teams at all levels of the project;To study, formulate and organize the implementation of the national competition system, competition plan, planning and adjudication law of the project;Organize training for coaches and referees;Organizing scientific and technological research and improving training level;Setting standards for football pitches and research and development of football equipment;To carry out international exchanges and technical exchanges.Originally, the football association has so many functions, how to embody these functions, that is, the results of the competition well, these functions is sure to play good, whereas play is not good, should clean up, investigation, restructuring, but reflected the situation now is that men have been reduced to Asia’s most smelly worst teams, and dried up, but the football association is still hide,Not adjusting, not admitting mistakes, not taking a plan, even giving up the game, celebrating the birthday of a much-maligned player, and at the same time, despite losing to Vietnam, they can still take a 50,000 yuan bonus. Perhaps it is time for the FOOTBALL Association to be thoroughly investigated.

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