The septuagenarian couldn’t remember the way home, so the fire department “Lao” often asked the monks for their contact information

On February 6, 1 in the morning about 40 points, chenzhou city suxian district five brand fire rescue station attendant found that an old man in one hand and a basin at a carrying packets at the entrance to the station, the spirit of trance, then go out to ask, that the old man this year more than 70 years old, get lost, just remember his name, family name and address.Considering that the outdoor temperature was low at night, and the old man was old and tired after a long journey, the fireman immediately brought the old man into the fire station to have a rest and served him hot tea and food.”Old man, do you remember where you live?How did you get here?What about the family?Can you get in touch?”After careful inquiry by Guo Yanjie, the station master of Wuliplate fire rescue station, he learned that the old man lived near Zhihuwan in chenzhou city and left home at 7 o ‘clock in the morning of February 5th. He took a bus to get off near Suoshi Bridge and forgot where he was going and where he was living. The old man’s mobile phone was out of power and he could not contact his family.Unable to find his way, he tried to grope his way home on foot and ended up walking nearly 20 kilometers to the town of Wulipai.On the way, I met a kind-hearted person who wanted to take her home. However, because the kind-hearted person was not a local person and was not familiar with chenzhou’s terrain, he just drove her to Wuli Pai Fire rescue team by navigation.During the firefighters continuously comfort the old man, and, by means of “Lao homely” slowly asked the old man’s family contact, confirmed by telephone is lost after the old man’s daughter plus WeChat friends send accurate positioning, 02 about 30 points, when the old man’s family arrived at the station, after expressing gratitude to the old man back home.The fire department reminds: if there is an elderly person in the home, the family should pay more attention to accompany the elderly, especially when the elderly go out to be accompanied by family members, can let the elderly carry emergency contact card, in order to meet difficulties in the first time to get help.Correspondent Rao Junyi Zhou Ziying Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Zhang Qin intern Liu Youming source: Xiaoxiang Morning News Penguin

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