A shares closed, the periphery rose, after the market how to go?

It is now in the middle of the Chinese New Year holiday, and the a-share market will be closed for nine days from January 29 until February 7.Shareholders can also have A good rest for A period of time, relax yourself, but also empty yourself, until the arrival of the tiger stock market, with A good attitude to deal with the new journey of A shares.A shares due to the Spring Festival closed, but the peripheral market did not close, the periphery of the market these days, how will A share after the festival and what kind of impact?Take A look at the performance of peripheral stock markets during the a-share holiday.The Us stock market has seen a continuous rise recently. The three major US stock indexes have seen a continuous rise in the last three trading days, among which the NASDAQ index has the strongest performance. The NASDAQ index rose 3.13% on January 28 and 3.41% on January 31, rising more than 3% for two consecutive trading days and continued to rise 0.75% on February 1.The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 1.65%, 1.17% and 0.78%, while the S&P 500 rose 2.43%, 1.89% and 0.69%, respectively, in the last three trading days.The S&p 500’s Dow Jones industrial Average has had a volatile rally in recent days and is back near its close on Jan. 18.Looking at The European stock market situation: European stock market has also emerged from the volatile upward trend, the major European indexes on Tuesday rose across the board, Britain’s FTSE up 0.95%, Germany’s DAX up 0.94%, France’s CAC index up 1.43%.Among them, the UK FTSE monthly index has achieved three consecutive rises, rising to near the highest point in two years, France and Germany stock market also concussion back to near the high point, making this round of global stock market volatility since the adjustment greatly reduced.Finally, look at the Asia-pacific stock market: The Japanese stock market had a wave of continuous decline trend, recently began to rebound, appeared a continuous rise, Tokyo Nikkei 225 index rose 2.16%, 1.2%, 0.16%, 1.68% in the last four trading days respectively, or more obvious.Hong Kong stocks continued to trade for half A day on Jan. 31, after the a-share market was closed. The Hang Seng index rose 1.07 percent on the day and also rebounded.The FTSE A50 index continued to trade, rising 0.63% on January 31 and 1.21% on February 1. On February 2, the index had risen 0.7% in intraday trading, leading the way out of the trend of consecutive rallies.What kind of influence will the peripheral market have on A shares after the holiday?Stocks surged across the United States, has A positive push to the A shares, stocks in January 18, after seen A wave of continued to fall, mainly for the federal reserve’s monetary tightening fears rise, the fed may be the fastest will start raising interest rates in March, raising interest rates will soon after table, and there may be multiple raising interest rates this year, that brings us stocks fell short,A shares of the United States has always had the habit of “following the decline”, so that A shares appear bearish trend, the Overall strengthening of the United States, the negative impact of A shares eliminated.2. The biggest recent gainer was the Nasdaq, which is dominated by technology stocks.In the early stage, technology stocks in the United States fell sharply, mainly because liquidity expectations brought valuation pressure to technology stocks with high valuations. Recently, the sharp rebound of technology stocks in the United States has an improvement effect on the valuation of a-share growth stocks. After the holiday, the growth industry of A-share is expected to usher in A retaliatory rebound, which has an obvious effect on the improvement of market sentiment.3.A shares fell sharply before the holiday, another reason is that investors are worried about the situation in the external region, which makes the market more risk-averse.However, the regional tensions, the biggest impact is In Europe, The European stock market after the short-term crash, all rose back, there is no reason for a-shares to worry about this “black Swan” event, investor sentiment tends to be stable, there will be A repair opportunity after the holiday.4. During the a-share market closed, the peripheral market overall, stabilize itself to A shares, and a-share itself before the Spring Festival there is A wave of continuous exodus, short of kinetic energy has been released, in the last two trading days prior to the most, although the index declines, but the quantity can appear sharp decline, but investors have rised in the mental state, there is empty properties,After the liquidity improvement, is expected to usher in a good start to the year of the Tiger, and a wave of strong rebound market.

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