Affectionate kiss heat take off, tong Jincheng and watermelon sister sweet interaction, the program effect pull full

If you like to watch outdoor live broadcasts, you have definitely heard the name tong Jincheng recently.As a hot outdoor anchor now, but also tiger teeth outdoor anchor big man, his popularity is not accidental, its appearance level can play, coupled with humorous live style, it is really not popular.In particular, every time he broadcast will have the appearance of various female guests, is a big hotspot of his broadcast.But often walk in the river where there is no wet shoes, known as the first affectionate Tong Jincheng has made fans surprised.Not long ago, tong Jincheng and with the tiger teeth live watermelon sister out of the camera, two people are in the tiger teeth live, between colleagues to take care of each other is understandable.However, the two people meet really some different, in order to program effect tong Jincheng can be said to be excluded.In their offline meeting with Sister Watermelon, the two not only cuddled but also kissed each other on the cheek.To know that tong Jincheng’s live broadcast is not lack of female guests, but like and watermelon sister this time have such a large scale of interaction that can really be counted.The interaction between the two people from the beginning attracted a burst of popularity in the live broadcast room, especially in the tong Jincheng kiss watermelon sister, the real man’s barrage is instant brush screen.After the video of their interaction was uploaded to the short video, the popularity skyrocketed, easily reaching hundreds of thousands of views.Both passers-by and his fans say that Tong jincheng is really willing to risk his life for the effect of the show.So dare to sacrifice, coupled with good appearance level and personality, has become an important reason why Tong Jincheng can be so successful in the outdoor live broadcast.Expect more interesting live content from him in the future.And watermelon sister’s interaction, once is enough, it is estimated that Tong Jincheng can not carry, such an experience, once is good.

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