Blessed state, cultural New Year goods “blessed” flavor thick

Southeast network January 31 – (Fujian Daily reporter Bian Junkai) “in front of the door to see the stunning Dunhuang murals, is really too lucky!”On the morning of January 30th, Mr. Zhao, a fuzhou citizen, praised the dunhuang Grottoes cultural art exhibition “Flying Apatas charm and Mogao Spirit”, which was held here in the art museum of Fuzhou Strait Culture and Art Center.Being in the blessed state, you can enjoy the vast Dunhuang culture thousands of miles away, which is originated from the cultural gift packages sent jointly by Fuzhou and Dunhuang.The exhibition will be on display for a month after its launch on Jan 20, presenting a cultural feast for the People of Fujian province during the Spring Festival.Carry forward the “blessing” culture and have a cultural year.During the Spring Festival this year, guided by provincial party committee propaganda department, fuzhou municipal party committee, municipal government sponsored 2022 “the year of the tiger f Blessed state: greet the year of the tiger lunar New Year Activity since the opening, in a happy life “and a” fu “o. cultural theme activities, visitors stream into a resident culture necessities and create a strong” fu “cultural festival atmosphere.Look at the “old photo collection”, sigh “the blessing of a harmonious neighborhood”…On January 29, the first neighborhood Festival and local art exhibition took place in The South Back Street of Three lanes and seven lanes.Walking in the exhibition space, a scroll of old photos hundreds of meters long attracts attention, and there are hundreds of old photos that witness the effectiveness of fuzhou historical and cultural heritage protection.During the Spring Festival, local tourists have prepared a variety of “blessing” cultural gifts, such as quality programs, cultural travel activities and welfare for the people, and nearly 300 cultural activities for the people, actively creating a peaceful, happy and festive festive atmosphere.At present, Fuzhou has launched the 2022 Spring Festival Culture and Tourism month, and has sent a large number of cultural goods for the Spring Festival, such as “Fu” themed boutique tourism routes, cultural and tourism activities benefiting the people, and preferential treatment of tourist attractions.From February 1, Sanjiangkou Ecological Park will continue to hold tourism and performing arts activities, and launch the “Jiangjiang Good” music tourism festival of the two Rivers and four Banks;February 13-14, the cross-strait folk culture Festival, let the citizens and tourists enjoy the music of folk culture……

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