Folk tale: the evil merchant competes to make a poisonous plan, and the cunning woman avenges to prove her righteousness, and finally retires

The story happened at the end of Wang Mang’s New Dynasty. At that time, Wang Mang made great reforms, the regime was in chaos, and officials did not do anything, which led to a lot of unjust, false and wrong cases, and people complained.Three years ago, after his father passed away, lu Cheng followed his mother to Haiqu County. With her family’s brewing skills, the mother used all her money to buy a shop and set up a small wine shop.The wine shop is located at the corner of the main street, the location is very good, coupled with lu mother’s brewing technology has been passed down, the wine cooked really ten miles fragrance, so the business of the wine shop just opened is particularly good.Every day when the door opened, there would be a lot of people waiting in line to buy wine. Although It was hard for Lv and her son, when they counted the income of the day at night, they felt that all the hardships were worth it.It turned out that there was a winery on the street, run by a middle-aged man in his forties named Li. Li’s winery had been open for more than ten years, and he had been doing exclusive business in Haiqu County before Lv cheng and his son came.The wine made by Li was not as good as that made by Lu’s mother, and the price was a little more expensive than that made by Lu’s distillery. In this way, all the good wine people went to Lu’s distillery, and Li’s business fell off a cliff day by day.That day he stood on the street, watching the endless stream of guests at Lu’s restaurant, his heart was very indignant, and a sinister plan came into being in his mind.At noon, the restaurant was bustling with people as usual. Some people sat in the shop and tasted the wine, while others hurried to pick up some wine and take it home.At this time came in a 30-year-old man, asked for two wine, a dish of wine, sitting at the door of the wine shop on the table to savor, about a joss stick incense kung fu, the man suddenly fell to the ground, foaming at the mouth, one hand covering his stomach while stuttering: “Poison in the wine…Toxic!”And then I passed out.The guests were too frightened to clink their glasses again for fear that the wine was poisonous.When everyone did not know what to do, the shopkeeper Li came in through the front door and said loudly: “The man said before he fainted that the wine was poisonous. Why don’t you report it to the authorities?”He sealed the front door of the winery and looked at the man lying on the ground again. Then he ordered the government officer: “The man has been poisoned, immediately call someone to cure him, take the shopkeeper away for me, and let others leave by themselves!”Believing that there was no problem with his wine, Lu Cheng came over to shi Li, the magistrate, and said, “I hope the magistrate can clearly see that the wine in the distillery is brewed by his mother, so it is impossible for it to be poisonous!Besides, it can’t be the alcohol!”The magistrate looked at him contemptuously and said, “You don’t need to teach me how to make a decision. What happened in your winery is definitely your wine!Take away!”Lu’s mother quickly came to stop the case, but the magistrate was unreasonable and said to Lu’s mother: “If you stop the county handling the case again, you will be taken away together!”Fearing that his mother would be wronged, Lu cheng comforted her and said, “Mom, we can do this and sit still. You stay at home and I will go with them.”The yamen carried the poisoned man, with Lv cheng went to the county government, Lu mother looked at her son’s back, thinking hard touch can not only find another way.After Lu Cheng was taken away, Lu’s mother set out overnight to look for help.Can lu mother a girl, do not know people in the county government, looking for several days, it was not easy to ask about the relationship, because Lv cheng refused to admit the poison in the wine, under the torture of the county magistrate, can not carry has died.When Lu’s mother heard the news, she was heartbroken and vowed to avenge her son.She went back to business as usual and made the wine with more care, giving more money to the customers who came to her shop and giving credit or free money to some poor customers.Slowly we forget the wine shop poisoning that thing, the business is as good as before, Lu mother daytime business, at night everywhere to inquire about the wine shop poisoning incident, but also contact to buy a lot of swords.Lu’s mother knew that revenge could not depend on her alone, so she began to pay attention to the guests who entered the distillery. Seeing some young, strong and poor young men, she would invite them to stay for help in the name of a clerk.Slowly she took in dozens of smart and capable young men, she is not thin to these people, everyone also remember Lu mother’s kindness.That night she called all her people together and gave them a great gift. “I have a favor to ask,” she said. “If you can trust me, do it for me.They had never seen Lu mother so serious before, and they also understood the seriousness of the matter. One of the boys took the lead, saying, “Shopkeeper, you are kind to us all. We all know what you want to do.Mother Lu looked up at everyone’s determined eyes and said slowly, “Now the court is corrupt and incompetent. It confuses right and wrong.A few years ago, my son Lyucheng was framed and died miserably at the county government. I want to avenge him!Overthrow these abominable people. I need you to go out and gather a hundred people each who are suffering, and go together to collect this blood.”Among the people taken in by Lu’s mother, there were also many people who had suffered injustice and lost their families. Hearing Lu’s words, it brought back those painful memories.”My parents were also killed in a coma. I’m the first one to respond. I want to avenge my parents, too!”The rest of the people all said they were willing to go out and get help. In less than a month, Lu gathered 5,000 people.She closed the distillery, styled herself Mrs. Lu, all the money earned these years, out to buy weapons and food, and then with a few confidants began a careful plan.That night, while everyone was still asleep, they stormed the county government, cut off the heads of the dizzy officials, and killed all the remaining government officers who surrendered and those who resisted.After they occupied the county government, Lu mother led several people broke into the li Mansion overnight, cut off the head of the Li shopkeeper.Reported the revenge of the Lu mother remembered that li shopkeeper jealous of their Lu home distillery, hired a man addicted to alcohol with poison method framed Lu, and pay the county magistrate beat Lv cheng, just caused her son to die in prison, now finally for his son revenge.Lu’s mother told the men who came with her, “Put the Li family in prison. The rest of the servants are willing to stay with me, and those who are not are sent home.”Most of the servants had no place to go. They all chose to follow Lu’s mother to rebel. After Lu had avenged her grievous death, she began to take revenge on those under her command.Lv’s wife’s reputation grew larger, followed by more and more people, unknowingly her team small ten thousand people, they all the way chivalrous, those bullying people one by one to deal with, copied to the family property as a military branch, for everyone’s expenses.But meet liu Xiu uprising at this time, it is when he choose and employ people, learned that langya county has such a rebel army, sent people to recruit, Lu mother for everyone’s future, gave this young and powerful army to Liu Xiu, and his success retired, continue to open a wine shop in the alley.Write in the end: troubled times out of the hero, Lu mother is just a girl, if not the county magistrate killed her son, she must be content with the status quo to open her winery.Can Li shopkeeper mind is evil, business does not pass others, want to damage recruit, just force Lu mother to walk on insurrection this road.In the late Xin Dynasty of Wang Mang, the world was in chaos. Many people had suffered the unjust death of their loved ones. Some rich and powerful people did not care whether the poor lived or died.And Lu mother also know into the event must follow the Ming Lord, when Liu Xiu appeared, she thinks to give this team way out, is to let them go on the right track, so he quit, let them go their further future.Women are no match for men!A lot of times a woman will be content with the status quo, but when someone touches her bottom line, she will explode with great power!More excellent articles: folk tales: guy to sea turtles released, New Year’s eve the father at the seaside, the old man a recruit cure was dumb folk story: poor young mountain depot, close brother secretly against, finally found the masochistic folk story: doing business man come back, see his wife gave birth to white, mammy confession: wasn’t my idea of folk story: man’s temple the night, in the middle of the pack around the temple, the old monk:Folk tale: When a widow is pregnant and her mother-in-law feels suspicious, the white rabbit tells the truth from a dream

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