Guanyin Pavilion, the only temple on the Yangtze River, known as “The First attic on the Yangtze River”

Guanyin Pavilion Park along the River Road in Echeng District, Ezhou City, Hubei Province, is named after the guanyin Pavilion, a temple with a history of more than 600 years.Guanyin Pavilion is located on Longpan Ji in the Yangtze River, also known as Longpan Ji Temple. It is the only temple building in the Yangtze River, so it is praised as “the first attic on the Yangtze River”.Goddess of mercy pavilion is known as the first cabinet of the Yangtze along Yangtze river goddess of mercy pavilion his friends who has been to ezhou of goddess of mercy pavilion temple impressed by the architecture of the Yangtze river, fly double-hipped roof jacaranda, zhu sill corridors of goddess of mercy pavilion is not only a temple architecture, but also a loft has a typical jiangnan folk architecture and not only has important historical value, has high artistic value.To the surprise of many visitors, this attic above the Yangtze River has been standing here for more than 600 years.After more than 600 years of numerous floods, but guanyin Pavilion has been preserved, becoming one of the witnesses of ezhou’s long history.Guanyin Pavilion Guanyin Pavilion Ezhou, where Guanyin Pavilion is located, was called Wuchang in ancient times, which is the same name as wuchang District of Wuhan today.In fact, now Wuchang is in use of the ancient Ezhou called “Wuchang” name.According to the Records of Wuchang County during the reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty, Guanyin Pavilion was located on Longpan Ji. Zhou Tingju, the governor of the city, rebuilt it and built a new pavilion.In the Annals of Wuchang County during the reign of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty, there was a more detailed record of Guanyin Pavilion: Longpan Ji Temple is on the county Longpan Ji, the old name of Guanyin Pavilion.Yuan supervises yi Iron hill to build.Guanyin Pavilion in yan.Turbulent rock cave flow, suspended water, ochre and the climbers are often wary yan, covering a spectacle.Zhou Tingju, a Chinese courtier, built a pavilion.Tongzhi three years, the university civilian re-training……Qing guangxu years “wuchang county annals” goddess of mercy pavilion in the drawing of the qing qianlong accounts of goddess of mercy pavilion “wuchang county annals” in the qing guangxu years “wuchang county annals” accounts of goddess of mercy pavilion in the wuchang county annals in qing qianlong years attached a Zhou Ru wrote in the Ming dynasty of the goddess of mercy pavilion “the goddess of mercy pavilion articles in a more detailed description:Given that Wuchang has a yellow soil slope in the south and huge boulders in the east, It stands upright in the middle of the river.If jinlong correction, due to the name of the Dragon.Yuan Jian City iron mountain base Shicheng Tai, cross scale iguana, even on the stone beam, beam between the Oriental Man Qian cast, precipitation potential, show the boat also……In fact, the Longpan Ji Temple built by Tieshan in The Yuan Dynasty was only rebuilt. As early as the Song Dynasty, there had already been temples on Longpan Ji.After the reconstruction of Longpan Ji Temple in Tieshan in the Yuan Dynasty, the predecessor of Guanyin Pavilion that we see today came into being.Guanyin Pavilion, Guanyin Pavilion, rises with the water, falls with the water.Many ezhou people can sing this ancient folk song, which shows that guanyin Pavilion in the Yangtze River takes on different states with the rise and fall of the River water. Sometimes people can see the state of Longpanji, where guanyin Pavilion is located, and sometimes people only see the guanyin Pavilion with its attic roof exposed in the flood.In July 2020, when the flood peak of the middle and lower Reaches of the Yangtze River passed through the Ezhou River section, the water level of Guanyin Ge reached 26.78 meters, approaching the highest water level of 27.23 meters in 1998 and 27.65 meters in 1954.At that time, only half a meter below the roof of Guanyin Pavilion remained above water, almost completely submerged in the Yangtze River.So when the flood season comes every year, this building in the Yangtze River which cannot be washed away by the flood becomes popular on the Internet, hence the netizens nicknamed Guanyin Pavilion “Strong pavilion”.Guanyin Pavilion Guanyin Pavilion According to the data shows that the whole Guanyin Pavilion is about 24 meters long, about 10 meters wide, about 14 meters high, all with blue bricks and stones, a total area of about 400 square meters.Guanyin Pavilion is a typical wood-framed pavilion building, perfectly integrated with Longpan Ji in the Yangtze River.Guanyin Pavilion Guanyin Pavilion Guanyin Pavilion Guanyin Pavilion has been a scenic spot in Ezhou since ancient times, and Longpan Xiaodu has also become one of the scenic spots in The history of Ezhou.Since the Ming Dynasty countless literati came to Guanyin Pavilion, and left a lot of poems about the song guanyin Pavilion, the Ming Dynasty department of war and capital research institute right deputy imperial historian Guo Zizhang wrote in wuchang Guanyin Pavilion: Zhuoxi ancient river heart, pavilion xiao Lu qing.Lazy cloud according to the clean ground, the oblique moon under qingcheng.Monk quiet habitat zen silence, river flow around the stone.Noisy though it be not far, the bar is light.Guanyin Pavilion Guanyin Pavilion A famous poet of the Ming Dynasty wrote a poem titled Panlong Stone, which is also about the Guanyin Pavilion on longpan Ji: the pillars form the river center, and the Flower palace sits near the moon.Cold dragon lying steady, cloud wild goose fly deep.Dongyu Floating mirror, Tingzhou Hidden Vatican sound.The sky is not far away, dark under the zen forest.Guanyin Pavilion Guanyin Pavilion is full of magic and mysterious Guanyin Pavilion. It has guarded Ezhou for more than 600 years. After experiencing numerous floods, it still stands firmly in the water of the Yangtze River, becoming a historical witness of the ancient city of Ezhou.In May 2006, Guanyin Pavilion was declared by The State Council as the sixth batch of national key cultural relics protection units, becoming one of the three “national protection” units in Ezhou.Reproduced please indicate the source of the headline number xiaoyao youtianxia

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