The Mirror is over?Li Yifeng Chen Yuqi CP feeling is absolutely, finally can breathe a sigh of relief

Hello, everyone, here is a gua, Li Yifeng version of “Mirror Twin Cities” from the beginning of the expectation, to the later meng force, to now do not chase, it was so magical ending.In fact, when I just watched the TV series, although the first few episodes were a little confused, the plot gradually became clear.The ancient puppet routine does exist, but it is not unacceptable.But everything is afraid of comparison, this is not, when I saw the animation version on the bullet screen, I clicked into it as soon as I lost my hand.Then the TV version of the watch can not go in, to be honest, this animation at the beginning of quite flaps the street, after all, there are too many excellent Chinese comics, not to say “Mirror” is not good, but the promotion of this animation is not true.On the other hand, Li Yifeng’s costume is not bad before, and this one is also ok, you know that Agua is because of this brother’s white hair style into the pit, but after the broadcast is not so amazing.I like Li Yifeng very much, but he seems to really put on weight, compared with su Su and xiao Fan before, really fat a lot, but sometimes you can still see it is very handsome.When it comes to the most frustrating aspects of the show, it’s the story and the romantic relationship between the two actors.There’s almost no connection between the story and the book.There has been a big change in human design. In fact, such a big change is not incomprehensible. After all, many things cannot be shown in the TV series because of the big environment.But to change su Mo’s career into “love brain” is a bit too much, “love brain” is not unacceptable, but the sense of CP between the male and female protagonists is also “absolutely”.I wouldn’t say irrelevant, but it looks like a stranger.No matter when bai Ying jumps tower, su Mo has no change in the eyes, or time for many years, meet again, empty eyes.The dubbing teacher tried his best to show the affection between the actors and actresses, but there was really no chemistry between the actors. There was no ambiguity or other emotion at all, and they felt like passers-by who had just met.In short, after watching the whole movie, I just want to say “I can finally breathe a sigh of relief”.Because of the reason of work, I must pay attention to the major films and TV dramas, and this one is really uncomfortable to watch.No drama experience, but seriously, the expectations for Li Yifeng and Chen Yuqi are too high.In fact, “Mirror two Cities” this drama, compared to those before the “hot eyes” ancient puppet has been much better.But we can’t keep up with the bad ones. At least we have two legitimate actors and some classic roles. That’s not enough.Now “Mirror Twin Cities” finally final, the next gua look forward to the work of Liu Yifei “Dream Hualu”, and Yang Yang “and try the world”, I hope these two plays do not overturn it.

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