Why are many Hong Kong stars so poor in their old age?

For Hong Kong stars, we should be very familiar with them, they are very young, beautiful, fashionable.I can’t help liking it.I always feel that their life is very rich, their life is also very luxurious, their money can not spend all their life, their income is also the top of Hong Kong society.However, there is a strange phenomenon, whether Hong Kong singers or actors, although they are famous and rich in their youth, there are always a part of the stars in their old age life is far worse than ordinary people, even living on the street, what is the reason?A big reason is that, in fact, Hong Kong star’s remuneration, fee and so on income is not as high as we imagine, and Hong Kong entertainment is very mature, most of the stars are operated by brokerage companies.The company is a team, the stars earn income they have to share, the stars actual income may only be able to maintain their normal expenses.There is also the fact that the star is a career to eat youth food, extremely high requirements for appearance.After many stars earn money, they will spend more money on maintaining themselves or luxuries.Once old, except for Fage, Leung Chiu-wai and other top stars do not have to worry about popularity, less famous stars will not receive commercial performances, no income, and no other skills, will soon be empty.This is one of the reasons why many stars try their best to come out.Finally, stars develop the habit of spending money when they are young. They spend a lot of money or play around the world. They seldom conduct financial management.Many netizens feel that the star looks very sad and would rather live an ordinary life. Others say that at least they have enjoyed themselves and enjoyed life that others can’t. What do you think of this?

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