Xianyang Xilan Road street multiple measures to promote investment work on a new level

Since this year, Xianyang Xilan Road street based on the regional advantages of precise force, constantly update the investment concept and thinking, continue to improve the quality of investment, help street economic development to a new level.Innovate the concept of investment promotion and change the way of investment promotion.The streets to further increase the intensity of investment promotion and capital introduction, take the “going out” and to investment promotion strategy, establish a sound “kissed business, an shang, businessman” service system, adhere to and qindu industrial chain link close communication and docking big chamber of commerce and industry association, to ensure the tracking, project docking, ground services, etc. Steady progress was made in all aspects.We will strengthen service to help enterprises develop.Launch the “shopkeeper” service.Selected cadres to form a service team to visit enterprises regularly, to promote the latest enterprise benefits and tax policies for enterprises.By visiting more than 40 key enterprises in the jurisdiction, I collected more than 30 problems and suggestions, solved 8 problems on site, and helped enterprises solve difficulties in housing leasing, employment, production and operation, logistics support and other difficulties for more than 20 times.We will improve investment attraction mechanisms and optimize the business environment.Clues to enhance the consciousness of the whole office service investment, the establishment of project package to grasp, the project schedule regular follow-up mechanism, set up by the main leadership group leader, the deputy leader of class, deputy head of investment promotion and capital introduction to develop leadership contact service enterprise system, the main leadership held quarterly investment analysis, don’t visit companies on a regular basis.The implementation of project landing services and follow-up services, the establishment of a green service channel, one-stop, one-stop services, to provide enterprises with “enthusiastic, patient, careful, considerate” quality services, to help the project as soon as possible to complete and put into operation.Author: Li Fei

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