Yao Yang live beyond Lv Dehua, two solo popularity surge, Lai God, cold night to rub heat

Between 2021 ~ 2022, in short, more than a month of time, a king glory from zero to the host, in the middle of the time is too short, so the name of the host is yao Yang, the rise of an anchor, actually deserves numerous other Kings plate anchors to ponder, in most of the host state of heat tends to decline slowly,It’s incredible that a newcomer can make himself famous without relying on others. In the current competitive environment of live broadcasting, such a situation can occur.First to take you comb it a popular route host, is through early to hit the keyboard, and then all kinds of harsh words attract eyeball, in this era of entertainment is the highest, the style tends to by some players like, themselves live clip into the content of the video, create heat, slowly opened the visibility,This is also the first person to have a short video to help him go viral.After the popularity picked up, the number of VIP guests remained around 2,000, so Yaoyang caught the attention of the platform and began to allocate resources.The first resource was to solo with demon Knife, a professional player of Wolf Team. Although he lost the game, his funny style was like that of more strangers.After the solo, the overall number of VIP guests of Yaoyang could stabilize at about 5000, and then he arranged to solo with the first One in the Summit Game. It can be imagined that a clown in the entertainment bureau solo with the first one in the summit game, and more importantly, he won a game.With cool solo, the number of VIP yao Yang once approaching 10000, Lv Dehua normally live in the day, day living quantity beyond China, became the king plate, daily living sentiment second anchor, the rate of progress is too fast, so cool with solo, yao Yang’s whole Numbers between 7000 and 8000,The number of viPs that are already a big anchor level is no problem.Occasionally when the show that transcends Lv Dehua, daily live at ordinary times after Zhang Daxian and Lv Dehua, ranked in the third king plates, so the anchor day king live ranking third, such a power level is to make a lot of anchor are really feel jealous, yao Yang also very good interpretation of what is called flower butterfly tap.Since fame, yao Yang mantra, imitation by platform a lot of anchor, and live many anchors also come over to play gift, cold night, xu xian, god, the dream fly, etc., including lai when god live this level of anchors in occasionally borrowed from yao Yang mantra, such as “bold”, “escort”.For yao Yang, you need to think of something, that is in the broadcast, reduce attitude scale and hit the keyboard after, exactly how to reorganize his live line, after all, be a large anchors, this is not always, still want to return to promote the positive energy, can become a big anchor at a stroke, his popularity stabilise?It’s all about how to create positive live effects.

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