You can’t get off the hook!Ukraine shouted stop the escalation and the US insisted on a decisive response to the Russian incursion

The United States and its Allies have repeatedly talked about the “Kiev crisis,” but never before has it been this crazy.Whether it is the “step up” emphasized by the United Kingdom, which is the representative of the United States in Europe, or the deliberate ignoring of Ukraine’s call to “stop escalating the situation,” it shows that the United States has thrown all its eggs in one’s mouth at Russia over the Ukraine reported on April 14 that the Ukrainian government clearly had something to say, contrary to the rapid deterioration of the situation that the United States and most Western countries have suggested.Ukrainian President Volodymytro Zelensky has told the United States that Ukraine is now safer than ever, with no conflict or outbreak of war. He hopes the West will stop any actions to “escalate the situation” and avoid provoking war in the region.At the same time, Zelensky said, rather than repeatedly emphasizing the “danger” of war, western countries should increase economic assistance to Ukraine, so that Ukrainian residents can get out of the current economic crisis.But the United States shows no sign of responding to Ukraine’s demands.Instead, he reiterated that any “invasion” would not be allowed and that the United States would respond decisively and promptly to any “invasion” by Russian forces.It can be seen that Ukraine wants to cool down the russian-Ukrainian situation and get off the “thief ship” of the United States at this time, which is no longer realistic.The United States did not spend so much and invest so much in lethal weapons just to hear Ukraine say it was “safe.”The United States has more desirable interests in eastern Europe, and even in Europe, and Ukraine is just a lead-in, a pretext for American engagement in eastern Europe.Under such circumstances, the United States is unlikely to let Ukraine go.At least before the interest demands are satisfied, Ukraine will always be a “sharp knife” in the hands of the United States. Although it may not seriously hurt Russia, at least the existence of Ukraine is a threat to The security of Russia and a guarantee for the United States to gain more interests by “Ukraine joining NATO”.Whether Ukraine is safe and able to defend itself in this crisis is out of the question.Even the total fall of Ukraine is worth it in the US scheme, as long as it does not involve the US.In fact, the United States is ready to do just that. The White House said Mr. Biden made it clear again that American soldiers would not be involved in the conflict with Ukraine.The implication is that while Russia and Ukraine are fighting, there is no possibility of Us military involvement.Because the national conditions of the United States do not allow the United States to get involved in foreign wars, especially in foreign wars that do not threaten the United States.In recent years, the anti-war sentiment of American citizens is quite high. They believe that only the development of the United States itself is in line with the interests of the United States, and overseas war is the next best policy.And Biden’s current policy is also in line with the main demand of The American people, not to ask for trouble now.But it does not mean that the United States to Ukraine regardless, biden pledged, even if is fully occupied by the conflict in Ukraine, the United States will not give up Ukraine, Ukraine will be training in neighboring Poland escape citizens, let them be able to take up arms, against the Russian invasion, for Ukraine’s “Renaissance” to provide enough support.But such promises are not what Zelensky’s government wants. It wants to reap the benefits of being America’s “vanguard”, rather than become America’s “cannon fodder”.Otherwise, what is the point, even if the US can offer great benefits?In fact, that’s exactly what the U.S. is trying to do, trying to turn Ukraine into cannon fodder, and even if Russia actually “invaded” Ukraine, the U.S. would have enough reason to push Europe on its side.Under such circumstances, there is no way the United States will allow Ukraine to jump out of its boat.

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