What is efT

The full name of EFT can be exchange-traded fund, electronic Fund transfer, or electric rapid transient pulse group.Let’s take a look at it.1. Eft is an open-end fund that is listed and traded on the exchange and the fund share can be changed.Exchange-traded fund is actually a special type of open-end fund.It combines the operation characteristics of open-end fund and closed-end fund to form a new fund.The advantage is that investors can not only buy or redeem fund shares from fund managers, but also buy and sell ETF shares at market prices in secondary markets such as closed-end funds.2. Eft can also be used as a new payment method, electronic fund transfer.Electronic funds transfer is also an outgrowth of the current use of computers in banking.Banks use computers, terminals, electronic information network and other electronic communication equipment to establish a high-speed transfer of funds electronic payment system, to bring people a certain convenience.3. The full name of EFT can also be called electric fast transient pulse group.The full name of Electrical Fast Transient pulse group is Electrical Fast Transient.The group of electric fast transient pulses is a physical concept designed to verify the anti-interference capability of transient disturbances caused by lightning, grounding faults, or switching inductive loads.Therefore, EFT has different full names in different industries.

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