Why are rural people afraid of owls?Is that superstition, or is there something else?

Hi everyone, we meet again, I am your old friend – farmer Zhang.Thank you all for your support and encouragement all the time. With your support and encouragement, I can go further in the writing road and continuously bring more useful and good information to you.Well, today we’re going to talk about making money in the countryside!I believe that we have seen this bird owl, right?Rural partners, in particular, are certainly familiar with it.The owl is a nocturnal bird, also is our rural people’s mouth “late”, it except at night will catch rats, snakes will often send some horrible sound, the sound tends to make rural people feel afraid, thought to be “ominous”, so the owl is not affected by people since ancient times.But modern scientists have done a lot of research based on owl behavior, and have found many benefits of owls, and have explained some of the odd behavior of owls.So are owls good or bad?Why is the countryside more afraid of it?Let’s talk about that today.Are owls ominous birds or not?Owl is a kind of nocturnal raptor, and it appears alone, and its cry is very special, so in ancient times, people thought it was not a “good bird”.The reason why owls are hated by most people is that their strange habits are not understood by human beings, such as the following habits: First, the owl will “mourn”?In the countryside of our country, there has been a saying that the owl can “announce mourning” and predict the death of human beings. If the owl appears in succession around whose house and makes strange noises, it is likely that someone will die in this house.There is also a saying about owls in some places: “The late sleeper comes into the house and stays away from everything. He is not afraid of the late sleeper’s bark, but afraid of the late sleeper’s laugh.”In short, people think that the appearance of an owl means something bad, so it has been disliked by people since ancient times.Do owls really “report mourning”?I personally think this is nonsense. How could a bird possibly predict the death of a human?In addition, some self-proclaimed experts say there is a scientific basis for owls’ mourning.These so-called experts give reason, owls are out before the people who died, it is because the death people will send out a special smell, and especially sensitive to the smells, the owl, so will be particularly excited, they think have food to eat, so in this case, the owl will subconsciously a strange and terrible cries.For the above statement, I also ha ha, the owl’s sense of smell is more sensitive, can smell some of the smell that we human can’t smell, this is completely without scientific basis, can smell the “dead spirit” on the dead person is nonsense.This is just a kind of mysterious saying imposed on the owl by the doer, falsely informed, in fact, the owl generally does not eat carrion, the sense of smell is also general, how could it smell the “dead” and excited?It’s just not possible, so it’s a rumor.Is it bad luck to hear an owl hoot?In rural areas, we can often hear owl calls. There are many kinds of owl calls, each of which sounds strange, bleak, and particularly sad. It is probably from this idiom “owl calls ghost cries”.Its nocturnal nature makes it even more mysterious.In rural areas, it is said that the hoot of the owl, sometimes like a human cry, sometimes like a human laugh, sounds very harsh and awkward, and it is said that hearing this call will cause unlucky things.Other birds generally call in the daytime, but owls are one of the few birds that call at night. If they suddenly call nearby at night when farmers are sleeping, it is really scary, and even makes children cry, which naturally makes farmers unfriendly to this kind of bird.In fact night owl bark is also normal, this is just a habit of it, through scientific research found that night owl bark of the following reasons: (1) happy, owls sleep by day and night out activities, so bark at night is very normal, another owl belong to birds, no teeth to chew food,In order to allow large pieces of food into the stomach, and can be smoothly digested, coupled with its satisfaction and excitement after eating, thus issued a more creepy cry.From this point of view, it is normal that it makes various calls at night, and has nothing to do with auspiciousness.It has been scientifically confirmed that many animals use calls to communicate with each other and attract members of the opposite sex. Owls, as a bird, make strange calls at night during the breeding season, which is also to express their existence.(3) Warning, sometimes the hooting of the owl also has a different purpose, is to warn the same kind of people, “this is my territory, no one can enter my territory without my permission, stay away from me.”④ With the cry to drive small animals, it is said that the cry of the owl also has a role, that is, can be used to drive mice, rabbits, for example, when these animals hear the cry was scared away, the owl can wait for the opportunity to hunt.Owls kill their mothers?In ancient China, there is a saying that “when an owl grows up, it will kill its mother and eat it, and because it is eating its mother, it will vomit out the bones.” This saying is still believed by many people in rural areas.However, according to the existing observation data, this view is not valid, maybe for some reason, owls will kill other owls, but this is only a very rare phenomenon, not its living habits.Ancient people think the owl prey on their mother’s behavior, it is an illusion, because the owl is eating the whole prey to swallow whole, for the food is digested, will can’t digest feather and bones to spit it out, and the ancients may think it is for this reason only owl will kill his mother, in fact this is unfounded rumors.In addition, in our xiangxi area, it is said that owls will grab a handful of sand at night and throw it down from the sky to attack people, which is also very strange.Personally, I think this is because there have been people passing under the owl habitat of the tree, happened to encounter the owl spit bone and residue dropped on his side, and people can not see the truth at night, so they think that the owl is attacking people with sand.In fact, owls are beneficial birds in fact, owls really do not have rural legend so mysterious, terrible, on the contrary, it has a round face, with a pair of bright eyes, and eyes will shine at night, which looks very cute and lovely.In addition, it is harmless to human beings, even have a great effect on rodents, it is said that the owl can eat more than 1000 a year of the mouse, is the most powerful enemy mice, and that more than 1000 mice may steal to eat tons of human food, if these mice reproduce again, then eat human food more.So from this point of view, the owl is indeed very beneficial to human beings, we must not go to harm them, what’s more, they are now the second level of national protection of animals, is protected by law.Conclusion: on the whole, the owl can exterminate rats, absolutely no harm for the human beings, not because some of the mystery of superstitions, a stick kill them, as for its the shrill sounds scary, is it’s a kind of life habit, we should not because of its propensity to colored glasses to see it, more can’t weak and obsession with superstition.Ok, today we talk about here, what you want to say about this, you can leave a message in the comment section to discuss, finally I also ask you to help me a attention, forward, and long press the “like” button, thank you!

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