Why does Shanghai advocate “virtual and real integration”?

Experts say the metasexes can “connect the dots” between 5G, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, VR, AR and other technologies.Shanghai economic information Commission for the map of the New network in Shanghai on March 15, the topic: forward-looking layout of the “yuan universe track” Shanghai why advocate “virtual fusion”?Reporter Zheng Yingying in recent months, the meta-universe has become a “frontier hot word” in Shanghai’s economy. It was not only written into the local “14th Five-year” industrial planning for the first time, but also set off a hot discussion in the political and business circles.Shanghai’s “Road to the Meta-universe” advocates “virtual and real integration”. How to integrate?How to lay it out?What are the advantages and disadvantages?On December 21, 2021, the Economic work conference of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee was held. At the conference, Li Qiang, secretary of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, said that enterprises should be guided to step up research on the important platform of interaction between the virtual world and the real society in the future, and timely layout and cut in.Zhao Xing, a professor at the Institute of Big Data of Fudan University and deputy director of the National Intelligent Evaluation and Governance Experimental Base of Fudan University, said in an interview with Chinanet.com that Shanghai was the first provincial government in China to publicly express its innovative ideas on the development of the meta-universe., he argues, the definition of the universe, the Shanghai municipal government about yuan has certain innovation significance in the whole world, it is a real society as the core, combined with the virtual world, to build a new pattern of economic society and industry, reflect “real” to promote the development of the path, beyond the western initially proposed the concept of “virtual space” “next generation Internet”.Towards the new construction of “social space where the virtual and the real grow together”.The end of December 2021, the Shanghai economic and information commission formally issued “Shanghai” difference “electronic information industry development planning”, its content shows that Shanghai will strengthen the yuan universe the underlying core technology foresight ability the basis of research and development, promote the deepening perception interactive virtual contents of the new terminal is being developed and systematic construction, explore the industry application.Zhao noted that this is the first time that the universe has been included in China’s 14th five-year industrial plan.Looking forward to the layout Advocate “inclusive cautiously” Shanghai vice mayor zhang for this year on February 24, Shanghai economic and information system work conference in 2022, yuan new track, the universe to follow “the actual fusion, by hard and soft, from platform to the ecology” the overall train of thought, study and put forward tolerance at the top of prudent design and support.Wu Jincheng, director of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, also pointed out at the meeting that action plans should be made in the study of the new track in the meta-universe, and the “five-in-one” frontier layout of links, interaction, computing, tools and ecology should be strengthened to create pilot application scenarios.Zhao said several local governments and official agencies in China have expressed concern about metasurse-related industries.However, the metasomes, as good as they are, pose risks we can’t even imagine.For example, the governance of the virtual world is different from that of the real world and the Internet.In the future social form of interaction between virtual world and real world, we need to promote digital, intelligent and sensitive agile governance.He pointed out that while developing industries in accordance with the historical trend, the government and all sectors of society should be fully prepared for the risks and challenges that may be brought by the meta-universe, and should make new explorations in three aspects: legal regulations, scientific and technological regulations, and educational regulations.The exploration of virtual and real fusion still needs to “increase” and “virtual and real fusion” on the road of the meta-universe.Zhang Ying, deputy director of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, said that it is necessary to form a development orientation of “virtual and solid” and build an industrial innovation system that enables thousands of industries.Including industrial manufacturing, commerce, design, office, education, medical, urban governance and other fields to create a batch of industry benchmarking applications., Zhao Xing said, Shanghai yuan will interact with the real world to virtual world development space industry, from this perspective, western companies first suggested games, social networking is no longer a key, the key point of Shanghai has pointed to the industrial, commercial, education, and physical fields such as, “perhaps we use 2 years to 3 years time to start building the underlying interaction platform,Then it will take 5 to 10 years to complete the research and development of the combination of virtual and real content and the whole industry chain of virtual and real integration. After doing so, the industry may be more ‘real’.”He pointed out that such a metasurverse approach would focus not only on entertainment industries such as games and social networks, but on physical industries that are truly relevant to everyone.In Zhao xing’s opinion, at present, compared with its brother cities, Shanghai’s meta-cosmic industry is still to be accelerated.What is the “soil” for Shanghai to develop the meta-universe?Zhao xing told that, first of all, in the past five years, Shanghai in the information industry “hard supplement”, there is a great improvement.In the field of new-generation information industry, the market value scale of enterprises on the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Board ranks first at present.That is to say, the underlying information technology in the meta-universe, Shanghai’s strength is some.Second, in terms of specific innovative technologies, He pointed out that Shanghai has comparative advantages in chips and semiconductors, and the development of artificial intelligence is also ok, but there is still room for progress in communications, VR(virtual reality), AR(augmented reality) and XR(extended reality).Third, from the perspective of industry, Shanghai has certain advantages in urban environment, industrial foundation, consumption foundation and government governance.Editor: Wang Danqin

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