Xingtai News Broadcast 20220212

“Xingtai News Broadcast” is an old brand of leading program with the growth of Xingtai Radio and TELEVISION station. It is the leading program of comprehensive news of Xingtai Radio and Television Station. It is the main channel for carrying out propaganda policies and spreading all kinds of information, as well as the link between party committee and government and the people.As xingtai mainstream media leading column, “xingtai news broadcast” give full play to their role as the mouthpiece of the party and the people, strive to be consistent with the party central committee in politics, to ensure correct public opinion direction, timely and accurately reflect the center of the work of the municipal party committee, xingtai current politics news reports, reflecting the city’s economic development dynamic, convergence of various news essence.Adhering to the column positioning of “releasing authoritative information, grasping economic lifeline, paying attention to people’s lives and inheriting humanistic care”, xingtai News Broadcast highlights authority, guidance and timeliness.Do fast, new, solid;Close to reality, close to the people, close to life.At present, the column has become an important channel for the feedback of the upper and lower feelings.The major policies, central work and reform and development plan of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government are conveyed to the cadres and the masses of the city. Meanwhile, leaders at all levels also understand the aspirations, difficulties and hardships of the people through “Xingtai News Broadcast”, enhancing the guidance and pertinence of the work.In recent years, “Xingtai News Broadcast” column in strengthening the ability to guide public opinion, change the news communication concept, innovation in the way of news reporting, in-depth exploration and attempts, repeatedly praised by the municipal party committee and the main leaders.In interviews and reports, our reporters always arrive at the scene as soon as possible. The total number of self-collected news broadcast throughout the year increases year by year, and the overall quality gradually improves, with large amount of information, strong visibility, and increasing influence and communication power.

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