【 fight illegal fund-raising 】 read illegal fund-raising, avoid fraud and routine!

Illegal fund-raising activities involve a wide range of contents and various forms of expression. “Regulations on prevention and Disposal of illegal fund-raising” summarizes the following forms: 1.Establishing Internet enterprises, investment and investment consulting enterprises, various trading places or platforms, specialized farmer cooperatives, mutual fund organizations and other organizations to absorb funds;2. To issue or transfer equity and creditor’s rights, raise funds, sell insurance products, or absorb funds in the name of various asset management, virtual currency, financial leasing business, etc.;3. Absorb funds in the form of promising to pay monetary, equity and physical returns in commercial activities such as selling goods, providing services and investing projects;4. In violation of laws, administrative regulations or relevant state regulations, openly disseminates and absorbs funds information through mass media, instant messaging tools or other means;5. Other activities suspected of illegal fund-raising.2. Four common techniques are the promise of high returns.Criminals fabricate “pie in the sky” “become rich overnight” myth, promising investors high returns.In order to defraud more people into participating in fund-raising, illegal fund-raisers often fulfill the promised principal and interest in full and on time at the initial stage of fund-raising, and then secretly transfer the funds or abscond with the money after the fund-raising reaches a certain scale, causing economic losses to the participants.The second is to fabricate false projects.Lawbreakers mostly register legitimate companies or enterprises, under the guise of responding to national industrial policies and carrying out entrepreneurship and innovation, fabricate a variety of false projects, and some even organize free Tours and investigations to deceive the public.Third, false publicity.Criminals often spend thousands of dollars on publicity, hiring celebrity spokespersons, celebrity platforms, advertising in major radio, television, network and other media, interview articles in famous newspapers and magazines, hire people to widely distribute leaflets, social donations and other ways to create false momentum.Four is the use of family seduction.Some illegal fund-raising participants, in order to complete or increase their own performance, sometimes take the approach of pyramid selling, regardless of the use of family ties, geographical relations, fabricated their own high return lies, inviting relatives, classmates or neighbors to join in, so that the rapid spread of participants, the scale of fund-raising keeps expanding.3. The first step in the tetralogy of typical illegal fund-raising activities is drawing pies.Illegal fundraisers weave one or more projects as “high profile” as possible.In the guise of “new technology”, “new revolution”, “new policy”, “block chain”, “virtual currency”, etc., it depicts a blueprint of rich expected returns, “hanging” the appetite of fundraising participants, so that they have the illusion of “no time to miss” and “no time to miss”.Illegal fund-raisers usually draw the pie as large as possible to attract the attention of participants.Step 2: Build momentum.Use every resource you have to make a big deal out of it.Illegal fund-raisers usually hold various publicity activities, such as press conferences, product promotion meetings, on-site observation meetings, experience days, knowledge lectures, etc.Organize group Tours, investigations, etc., and give small gifts such as rice, flour, oil and phone charges;Display a large number of real or fake “technical certification”, “award certificates” and “government approval”;Publish some leaders to inspect film and television materials, company leaders and government officials, stars photo;The event was deliberately held in the government convention center and auditorium, and the size and scale of the event were extremely deceptive.Step 3: Cash in.Try to get money out of your pocket.Illegal fund-raisers give participants the first taste of “sweetener” through rebates and dividends, making them believe that putting money in his place will not only have considerable income, but also safer than putting it in their own pockets. Participants will not only pour out their own money, but also mobilize their friends and relatives to join in, and the amount of fund-raising is rolling larger and larger.Step 4: Run.Illegal fund-raisers often run away after “collecting money” for a period of time, either because the original “Ponzi scheme” is empty, or because of poor management, the capital chain is broken.The participants suffered heavy financial losses and even lost their money.Illegal fund-raising Common Routine Illegal fund-raising Criminals in order to lure the masses to achieve the purpose of illegal fund-raising, usually take the following measures to defraud the masses of trust.1. Decorate the facade of the company and create the illusion of strength.Criminals often set up companies and go through formalities such as industrial and commercial licenses and tax registration, which seem legal but actually have no financial qualifications.These luxurious company or office, or propaganda state-backed, or investing through all kinds of media and even CCTV propaganda packaging, or in the upscale place such as the great hall of the people held a seminar, knowledge lectures, invited celebrities, scholars and officials in the platform, pictured with led display and various awards, deceptive.2. Fabricate investment projects to dispel people’s doubts.From the past agricultural, forestry and mining development, private lending, real estate sales, initial share issuance, franchise management and other forms of gradually upgraded packaging into investment financing, wealth management, mutual financial financing, overseas listing, private equity and other financial projects, and promised to be guaranteed, buyback, low risk, high return, etc.3. Confusing the concept of investment and increasing the difficulty of identification.The lawbreakers blew the listing into listing in the local equity exchange center, confused the listing in the American OTCBB market is listed in NASDAQ;Some use new terms such as e-gold, investment funds and online currency speculation to confuse the masses and pretend to be new investment instruments or financial products.Some use monopoly, agency, franchise chain, consumption value-added rebates, e-commerce and other new modes of operation, cheating the masses of investment.4. Promise big returns and make up “get rich” myths.The temptation of high interest is the only way for all fraudsters to deceive the masses.The criminals begin to cash the principal and interest of the early investors on time and in full amount, and then rob Peter to pay Paul, cash the former principal and interest with the money of the latter, etc., after reaching a certain scale, they secretly transfer funds and abscond with money.

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