A leggings refraction gives extraordinary individual character, simple however very individual character, appearance level is extraordinary

A leggings refraction gives extraordinary individual character, simple however very individual character, appearance level is extraordinary.The tie-in knowledge of leggings is not little, need has integral train of thought.1. Leggings only need to be simple and generous. White can add overall highlights.2. The style of leggings is basically divided into OL, casual, romantic and other types, which can be superimposed according to their own style and collocation in actual wearing.3, skirt & AMP;amp;Half skirt is forever absorb eyeball magic weapon, T-shirt adds short skirt, simple and easy above all, apply through half skirt next, can jump off the colour that sheet tastes, change the visual attraction point for black.3, leggings shoes with high heels or similar color, increase the aesthetic feeling on the details, looks a bit not drab, with dark coat color of item match each other also has subtle laws, 4 different color can show different details, leggings is a transformation rule sheet is tasted, large area, in hundreds of outfit, it can be the color of the item,Small details are also very important to create a sense of layering, such as white socks with a bright spot, and the clothes on the upper body and the bottom are subtly complementary in color.Reduce an age 5, leggings a sheet is tasted, this year began to fire marca dragon color is, next year will be popular in the uv and super crisp turquoise, can match any white shoe 6, leggings is very practical a sheet is tasted, can a not enough points, a beautiful enough, add a can of sheet is tasted, can receive the shoe wardrobe, does not occupy a space, joker classic 7 forever,Leggings compared with shorts, shorts and leggings are very collocation, colour to choose color contrast, don’t that kind of inexplicable light, if it doesn’t seem like the color contrast, according to the low purity color is better, such as green, blue or dark green, 8 leggings is the best one, or we will look very monotonous,Leggings with tie-in proposal is the same as color of shorts but better than the color of the shorts deep once, such as black, or navy 9, tights and shorts have wrong can use length and the length of the shorts, the side effects will be wrong, tights and shorts color can be ten million rule 10, item can be compared with each other, between obvious difference leggings is very clear.Can be combined in any item, such as do not meet the length before and after the leggings can match the underwear also does not meet the length before and after, basically the same color of item can match the same color of the bag, if some aspect of leggings is insufficient, the boost is 11, the classical collocation of leggings is tie-in, shoes and leggings with color shoes,Legs long legs thick legs as far as possible to use high heels, long legs sister can put on perfect cover shortcomings, leggings and high heels collocation must be careful, bold, strong method must be used, do not be afraid of trouble.12, the same set of leggings with same color high-heeled shoes, such as shallow color high heels and collocation of brunet department leggings, want to have a bright spot and characteristics, it is best not to same color pattern is same letters etc, if the same pattern, suggestion of change, even the simple but elegant pattern, also is fashionable element.

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