Daodejing people treat problems objectively and positively. They are low-key and do not show off

Many of us can’t accept the setbacks, tribulations and changes that come out of the blue in our lives.Often this time, they will always blame god for their injustice.Because that’s what human nature is all about, just wanting to embrace good people and good things.So, we look good, but are we good?Seemingly bad, is it really not good?Not necessarily!Here are three personal observations to share with you and help you better understand Chapter 42 of the Tao Te Ching.One, positive and objective view of the problem – tao gives birth to one, life two, two three, three living things.Until now, we all know that Tao gives birth to everything.The Word is nonexistent, invisible, untouchable and nameless.Therefore, Fu Caixi opened the sky with a painting.And, one, is a start from nothing.Using the thinking of the Book of Changes, one is Tai Chi.Confucius said, yi has tai Chi, is the birth of two rites.The two instruments are two, namely Yin and Yang.Yin and Yang are derived from Taiji, and there is Yang in the Yin, Yang in the Yin, cathode into Yang, anode into Yin, they are interactive and inseparable.This is the tao of one Yin and one Yang, and it is also the change of nature, the law of nature.Yin and Yang interacted with each other, thus forming man.This is the second generation of three, three is the three talents: heaven, earth and man.In this way, heaven, earth and earth can interact with each other again, and nature can give birth to all things, namely, three living things.It can be seen from this that the reason why the world can continue to grow is because of the diversity of species, there are different factors stirring and interacting with each other.To put it simply: without contradiction, there can be no change; without change, there can be no development; without development, there will be death.This is also the tao of Yin and Yang.From here, it is not difficult to understand: where there are people, there will be contradictions.No contradiction, no right and wrong, how can one experience?How can that change?Their objective existence can promote people’s metamorphosis, let people see the nature of the heart bit by bit, meet the real self, meet the tao.Therefore, when we know how to change a point of view, to look at them positively, there will not be so much trouble.Two, to embrace the bad, to have the good – old things or damage and benefit, or benefit and loss.The book of Changes tells us that good leads to bad, bad leads to good, and good leads to bad.Both sides of the coin exist at the same time.So, generally speaking, what we perceive to be good is not necessarily good, bad, or bad.It’s like a blessing in disguise.The old man who thought he had lost his horse got two instead.The old man’s son fell off the horse leg injury, but let its son escaped the battle field of a disaster.Although it is a temporary loss, it can also bring benefits.Good and bad, under certain conditions, will be transformed into each other.Benefit from loss or loss.For example, when plants grow too dense, we tend to trim the excess branches.This is done to preserve their nutrients so that they can grow better.Therefore, seemingly loss, in fact, benefit.In real life, we sometimes do evil things with good intentions.In our cognition, we always think that helping others is good for others and good for ourselves.In fact, it is biased.Because we don’t stand tall enough, objective enough.Always from their own point of view, subjective.Naturally, the understanding of events is not comprehensive enough compared to the situation.Just like: a person is to go through trials, to be tested.But you went out of your way to save him from suffering.God never puts a random person through it.Let a person through the ordeal, there is a reason.The purpose of others’ suffering is to make them grow and improve, to bring out more of the natural wisdom within them.However, instead of the other person growing and improving from your kind act, the other person will continue to go through the same process.Therefore, or gain at the expense of.Another example, in real life, excessive diet, but eat intestines and stomach bad;Overexercising makes your health worse.Therefore, seemingly benefit, actually loss.Three, strong beam, lost the beginning, low-key, not limelight, life will be shun – strong beam can not die.Tyrannical people often die in a bad way.Zi Lu was Confucius’ student and bodyguard.Zi Lu was well known for his courage, so Confucius criticized him without mercy: If he were free, he would not die.In the end, Zi Lu died in the wei rebellion, with a particularly tragic end.That is, the strong must not die.It is the same thing that kills a good swimmer by water, a good lance by the gun, and a good sword by the sword.In real life, the death of insolence, this kind of example, everywhere.Strong beam of people, self-improvement beam, it is also the beginning of the loss.They drive themselves into a corner and kill a lot of good opportunities in their life.Meeting someone who can help you will save you a few years of detour and struggle.However, because of their strong beam, not only the noble spirit away, they also have to take a lot of detours.Originally their own way can be very wide, because of their strong beam, offended a lot of people, so that their own way more and more narrow.Therefore, a person strong, too tyrannical, are not good.A poem about the pig, very meaningful: lean on the fence idle to see small pig son, a strong beam bully.Even if the dross alone eat, first fat is not cheap.Strong people, even if the first fat, is not necessarily a matter of advantage, have to face the possibility of the first slaughter.On the contrary, we are now the flowers of the motherland, many children, have been raised more insolent, domineering.Don’t meet their requirements, crying there, eating, all want to grab the first place, completely regardless of the difference between senior and junior, young and orderly.The child to develop such, is not good for the child, this will only let the child in his later growth of life on the road, go more hard.Today’s education, really is worth our people to think well.I hope the above three points can help you to better understand Chapter 42 of Tao Te Ching.Best wishes!

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