Guangdong province shuanglong seven cents silver coin

Surely this kind of silver dollar is often encountered on the ground stall?Or maybe some website tweets also have pictures, those are false, there is no doubt at all, away from it, covet cheap can only take their own money in.Guangdong province shuanglong shou word Guangxu yuanbao, this coin was cast in guangxu thirty-one years (1905) at the beginning, to commemorate the 70th birthday of Cixi cast.Zhang Jiongbo in Guangdong province made silver coins wrote: “But this product because of not years, it is difficult to hurriedly break, but the view of its pattern, harmony for longevity, around shuanglong, without English, meaning contains song zhu, big anomaly system.Thus to push, become one of the commemorative coins, specially cast to wish the Empress Dowager Cixi sixty years of longevity also.”There is immeasurable room for appreciation.At that time, in order to give the queen mother birthday, set limit to issues one thousand, reward in two products of the big shots, from the two products are no places, you can imagine how rare it is, but in the midst of the qing’s wartime, beiyang navy were wiped out and leave the world a vivid, sun yat-sen launched the nation next movement, each big warlords,At that time, the officials who received this currency are the old dynasty, holding double dragon currency is equivalent to a disastrous impact on the family, have melted and destroyed the jewelry.Just imagine that all items were scarce at that time, how could they be circulated as currency and entered the market?There are a few silver dollars in the world, treasures that have survived are really rare.

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