Jinan not only summer rain lotus, Green Haotai Hotel to accompany you to listen to the story of this quiet old city

Jinan, known as the “spring city”, has a long reputation. “Lotus flowers on four sides and willows on three sides, mountain scenery in one city and lake in half city” let people enjoy the unique customs of Jinan.Spring tour baotu spring, winter tour Daming Lake snow scenery, all the year round will not let you down.Every spring, every weeping willows, such ancient rhyme Jinan you don’t come to visit?Come to GreenTree Inn, business Street, Zhangqiu University Town, Jinan city, Shandong Province, you can only experience the story of this quiet old town, not only summer rain lotus.GreenTree Inn, the mid-end business brand of GreenTree Hospitality Group, integrates leaves, wood grain and other design elements into the classic and grand business style, bringing you a mature and comfortable business rest space with calm and quiet.Simple colors in the lobby create a comfortable and bright sense of space, bringing elegance and serenity.Guest rooms are decorated with retro colors and fresh green colors, which make the whole space more active while maintaining a simple style, and completely surround nature and freedom.Beige curtains complement the solid wood floor, giving a bright and low-key feel.The GreenTree Inn strives to provide a comfortable and free stay for business travelers.Since the choice of room type: the hotel provides double bed, large bed, family room and other room type;Due to the choice of mode of travel: the hotel is equipped with a parking lot with 50 parking Spaces, so self-driving tourists can go at their leisure.From breakfast buffet, laundry service, luggage storage to a 50-70 meeting room for business guests, this GreenTree Inn has everything business guests need when they travel.The hotel is located in zhangqiu Youth Entrepreneurship Incubation Park, the core of Zhangqiu University City, surrounded by many universities, is the best choice for friends and family to accompany students to study and play.Opposite the hotel is the new era civilization practice theme park, Tang Wangshan Park, which can be said to be the most suitable rest place for social practice.The city offers a wide variety of cuisines, from hot pot dishes to local delicacies, to restaurants and restaurants that cater to guests’ different dining needs.The GreenTree Inn will accompany you to find new things in the old city.

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