Robertson wins his first Players Championship world Championship as the favorite Hawkins runs again

The snooker Players championship is over.Since Robertson’s victory over O ‘Sullivan, fans have seen the Melbourne machine as the tournament’s favourite.And so it was, with Robertson beating Jimmy, the tournament’s dark horse, in a semi-final that wasn’t very exciting, and beating Hawkins in the final after the Masters a month earlier.Robertson topped the field with three titles in a crowded season.Especially after winning the Masters and Players Championship in a row this year, the Melbourne machine is clearly in good form.For Robertson, the most important task and goal of this season, is to achieve a breakthrough at the World Championships.Since reaching the Crucible for the first time in 2010, Robertson has had a dismal record at the world Championships, reaching the quarter-finals only once, having been widely favored and in excellent form in the past three tournaments.Robertson has always said he does not like the space at the Crucible and is not a fan of the long game at Worlds.But since that can’t be changed, the Melbourne machine has to change itself, he said, preparing a team and a plan for this year’s world championship.The world championships are Robertson’s best chance at the top this season – selby, the defending champion with a long game, has struggled with mental health issues;Mr Trump and Mr Murphy are also deep in the doldrums;The ’75 Three are still at the top, but each has its own troubles, and Robertson isn’t afraid of them.Freshmen Zhao Xintong, Brechel and Yan Bingtao lack world championship experience, with Zhao xintong and Brechel yet to win at the Crucible.As for Hawkins, this year’s two runners-up once again solidified his “running king”, “background emperor”.Of course, from a series of stops in the semi-finals to consecutive runner-up finishes, the veteran sees another shot at the title.This year’s World Championship, once offline for three years “Crucible expert” can go further, will become a big suspense.Do you think Robertson will win the world Championships this year?

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