She did not enter the jinling Twelve Chai Book, but is generally recognized as a perfect girl

There are twelve Vents of Jinling in a Dream of Red Mansions. They are the most beautiful women in grand View Garden, but their fate is very tragic, which makes people feel especially pity.In a dream of Red Mansions, there is another girl who is very beautiful and universally recognized as a perfect girl, but she is not included in the official catalogue of 12 Vents in Jinling. Then who is this perfect girl?The universally recognized perfect girl is Xue Baochai’s cousin Xue Baoqin, the daughter of the Xue family. Although she appeared relatively late, her appearance caused a sensation and attracted a lot of people’s attention, becoming the focus of the figure.Jia mother likes Xue Baoqin very much, even keep in their own side, but also let Lady Wang recognize Xue Baoqin as a dry daughter, so xue Baoqin is very popular in many women.Jia Baoyu has been living together with the sisters, see a lot of beautiful girls, but he saw Xue Baoqin for the first time also like the great, constantly praised Xue Baoqin is his sweetheart.In Jia Baoyu’s room, qingwen, who was extremely high in heart, could not help praising Xue Baoqin. Xue Baoqin was not only beautiful and blessed, but also talented and had a very good personality. Her excellence was as good as any girl in the garden, including Lin Daiyu and Xue Baochai.So such a perfect girl is not into the official book of jinling twelve Chai, very pity.Xue Baoqin’s character was revealed after entering the garden, especially meek and pure, Lin Daiyu has always been a very picky person, and Xue Baoqin has become a good friend, she is also willing to get along with her, her excellent let Jia mother feel distressed.We all know that Jia’s mother is the most loved girl than Lin Daiyu and Shi Xiangyun, when Xue Baoqin came to Jia Fu Jia mother also like her, and even want to marry Xue Baoqin to Jia Baoyu, later heard that Xue Baoqin has been betrothed to others, can only regret.Jia Mother also sent xue Baoqin a dimples fur, ask people to take good care of Xue Baoqin, very afraid of any injustice, Jia mother to her degree of love is not lost Lin Daiyu.Xue Baoqin was spoiled, perhaps Jia Yingchun sisters have never enjoyed, in the eyes of jia mother and other elders she is such no picky, perfect girl.Jia wan doesn’t have to live in the grand View Garden like her other sisters, but usually stays with Her. When Jia wan and others have a wake, she entrusts Xue Baoqin to li Wan, who is trustworthy to take care of her.When Nan ‘an toffee to jia mother birthday, she also specially let Xue Baoqin out to meet, by nan ‘an Toffee like.At the family dinner, xue Baoqin, Jia Baoyu, Lin Daiyu and others sat at a table, which was highly respected.Xue Baoqin was also a very lucky woman in that dynasty. As we all know, ancient women had to abide by the feudal system and could not easily be seen in public. They could only embroider needlework in the boudoir.Girls from large families, in particular, were confined to their boudoirs, reading and writing at best, and at least walking and playing in the family gardens.They were not allowed to travel anywhere. When they were not married, they lived in their boudoir and then moved to a strange house. They had no idea what the outside world was like.Xue Baoqin’s family was also a big one. However, Xue Baoqin often traveled with her father to see a variety of landscapes and insights, which were beyond the reach of all the girls in the grand View Garden.Therefore, Xue Baoqin successfully attracted everyone’s attention and envy as soon as she appeared, and also got the love and preference of elders. Even Xue Baochai was sometimes very jealous.Moreover, Xue Baoqin’s marriage was also very beautiful, much stronger than the women in the grand View Garden. Her fiance was mei Hanlin’s son, who was also a minister favored by the emperor, so Xue Baoqin’s marriage was also very perfect.Whether Lin Daiyu, Xue Baochai or Shi Xiangyun are not comparable, but also a dream of red Mansions in the best ending of a woman.The reason why Xue Baoqin did not enter the official book of the Twelve Hairpins of Jinling may have a lot to do with fate. Her life is too perfect and the ending is also very happy.However, the women in the twelve Hairpins are more tragic fate, such as Lin Daiyu love but not, finally tragic death.Although Xue Baochai became a second grandmother, she could only be widowed after Jia Baoyu became a monk.There is Wang Xifeng, although smart and capable, early scenery unlimited, only hand covered the sky, but later the outcome is too tragic, if it is not good liu Grandma, their only daughter can not save.Though jia Yingchun was also the lady of a large family, she was finally married to zhongshan Wolf and finally tortured to death, and Li Wan, widowed at a young age, also had no position in the Jia family.A person pulling his son in the worldly complex jia Fu life, which can be seen how hard not easy, fortunately his son Jia LAN did not let her down, gave her hope of life, and even changed her life and status later.

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