The number of listed companies in Hefei increased to 74

On the morning of January 24, Anhui Wanlang Ciplastics Co., Ltd. was officially listed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, becoming the first listed company in the province in 2022.At this point, the number of listed companies in Hefei has increased to 74, including 69 a-share listed companies.Data show that at present, hefei city listed reserve team echelon is clear, a total of 2 enterprises to be approved, listed enterprises to be approved 9, guidance for the record of 33 enterprises, Hefei “listed corps” is expected to continue to expand during the “14th five-year plan”.In recent years, Hefei has accelerated its efforts to build a capital center for science and innovation, taking multiple measures to promote the listing of enterprises, and increasing support for the listing of enterprises. With the help of capital, more innovative small and medium-sized enterprises have embarked on a standardized development path.In order to help enterprises to exploit the capital market, Hefei takes the initiative to do a good job in listing government services. In accordance with the principle of “one enterprise, one policy”, Hefei comprehensively combs the problems existing in the listing process and development process of key listed backup enterprises, and timely implements “green channel” and “green window” services.Last year, Hefei added 10 a-share listed companies, ranking seventh among provincial capitals in the number of listed companies.According to reports, Hefei will grasp the opportunity of the national capital market reform, in-depth implementation of the five-year action plan to double the listing of Hefei enterprises, continue to increase the policy support to the planned listing of enterprises, in the time of progress, measures to increase strength, speed up the service, so that the number of listed enterprises in the city more, better quality, better layout.(Reporter Fang Juan)

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