There are more primary school students infected in Harbin

Harbin, March 16 (China Youth Daily · China Youth Network Intern Reporter Han Rong) Today, reporters learned at the epidemic prevention and control press conference in Harbin:The first cases of this round of epidemic in Harbin were people from other cities, and the first cluster of cases were mainly concentrated on February 28 and March 3. On March 13, there were cases in all age groups, with a large number of primary school students infected.According to Wang Yan, assistant director of the Harbin Center for Disease Control and Prevention and a member of the expert advisory group of the city headquarters, a total of 50 local confirmed cases and 39 asymptomatic cases were reported in Harbin from 0:00 On February 28 to 24:00 on March 15.Gene sequencing revealed that the pathogen was an evolutionary branch of Omicron BA.2, belonging to the same transmission chain.Ke Yunnan, director of the Harbin Municipal Health Commission, said at a press conference that as of 24:00 On March 15, a total of 5,134 people had been investigated and 16,658 people had been secretly contacted, and control measures had been implemented immediately.At present, the city has designated 7 risk areas;37 location-controlled areas and 4 controlled areas, involving 18,411 people and 2,972 people respectively;A total of 10,682 people were quarantined in centralized areas and 1,505 people were quarantined at home.In addition, to ensure the full coverage of all inspections, Harbin will conduct three rounds of nucleic acid tests starting from 8 o ‘clock on March 16 to ensure that no one is left behind.Source: China Youth Daily client

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