Spring Festival couplets are pasted as usual on New Year’s Eve.In recent years, Spring Festival couplets are mostly printed matter provided free by banks and other institutions and businesses.During the Spring Festival before the epidemic, my passport expired. When I went to change my passport, I saw Spring Festival couplets at the entrance of the entry and Exit hall for people to collect by themselves.That year, my family’s Spring Festival couplets were from the Exit and Entry Administration Bureau.Two years later.A few days ago, I went to the supermarket and got two fu characters at the service desk by receipt. In the afternoon, I went to post them and prepared to replace last year’s old fu with a new one. I don’t know why, I only found one fu character and another one I don’t know where to go.New Year, do not stick Spring Festival couplets, at least to stick a fu.Fortunately, we have red paper at home, and pens and ink that I bought when I studied painting.Fortunately, when I was young, I practiced calligraphy for a few days (covering my face).He wrote a piece of fu and stuck it on the door.Feel good about yourself.Put the kitchen God portrait pasted in the kitchen.This year flavor, also have.Wish you all a happy New Year and good health.Relaxed and satisfied, successful and happy.Thank you for your attention and support!Bless you – auspicious year of the Tiger!Congratulation!

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