Chengbu Jiangfang Township: “Volunteer Red” singing civilization practice “Welcome Spring Song”

We will launch a campaign to prevent imported cases and serve the public with warm hearts.Launch the “Happiness knock home safe” action.Massachusetts moment on January 24 – (correspondent Feng Suilong) for days, chengbu Jiang Fang township continued to carry out the “civilized practice warm spring” series of theme activities, such as disease prevention and control, production safety, and road safety priorities for the gripper, with volunteers as the backbone of party members, give play to the role of the party leading, actively carry out “fight outbreak input, warm service to the masses”, “happiness knocking at the door.Civilized practices such as “Safe home” and “Wearing a hat project, focusing on dissuasion and safety” have brought safety concepts, epidemic prevention policies and new trends of civilization to thousands of households.Through the campaign of “Preventing imported cases strictly and serving the people with warm hearts”, the public has been guided to enhance their awareness of epidemic prevention and control, checkpoints have been set up in key places such as farmers’ markets, offices, schools and health centers, and health codes, travel cards and temperature measurement have been implemented.Volunteers were also organized to distribute a Letter to Old and old people in Jiangfang Township to actively publicize the latest epidemic prevention and control policies, urging everyone to pay close attention to the epidemic information in real time, take the initiative to prepare travel plans, and report the epidemic situation, forming a good situation in which everyone is a propagandist and supervisor of epidemic prevention and control.Since January 17, Jiang Fang township organization all the cadres and workers by conducting “happiness knocking at the door, arrived back home safe and sound” action, to different villages screening potential safety hazard, issued the “happiness knocking at the door, arrived back home safe and sound”, “his letter to the entire town people manual, safety knowledge, safety heating wall calendar, prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning,And around the winter and spring fire prevention, gas explosion prevention, anti-drug anti-fraud and other contents of safety propaganda, to create a strong atmosphere of “love life, pay attention to safety”, from the source to prevent and reduce the occurrence of safety accidents.Through carrying out “wearing a hat project, concentrated dissuasion and safety” activities, set up dissuasion propaganda points on the main roads of the township, mainly within the jurisdiction of motorcycle, electric bicycle drivers do not wear safety helmets;Motorcycle, electric bicycle violations installation umbrella and so on seven kind of illegal behavior to carry out the centralized dissuade propaganda, to further strengthen pavement controls, in accordance with the law for motorcycles, electric motor by the conduct of the staff do not wear safety helmet ZhaJiu, forming scrutiny, sympathetic, rigidly controlled high pressure situation, guide the masses consciously abide by traffic rules, create a safe, smooth and comfortable travel environment.

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