Don’t say it native, somebody else can play “soil tide” understand

“Country love” series have been broadcast to the 14th season but to everyone’s impression still is the so-called “rural drama” soil acme is tide “country love 13” when last year launched a popular with the young “country love” derivatives of tide play blind box, five different shapes hand received rave reviews, 6 hours the first booking online is sold out,It also caused netizens to brush the screen level of onlookers.This also makes “rural love” gradually break the stereotype of “local drama” and “god drama”, and successfully set up a new “local tide” set from the core of happiness and comedy.Now on the occasion of the broadcast of Country Love 14, the country Love Blind Box 2.0 fashionable clothing edition has been released once again. It contains six regular models and one hidden model, which should satisfy the collection hobby of lovers.It is reported that the six regular styles are country gentleman · Liu Neng · Xie Guangkun · Zhao Si ↓↓↓ Burial-love vision · Wang Tianlai ↓↓ rural hip-hop · Song Xiaofeng with the hit TV series Country Love 14,”Rural love”, which carries the feelings of netizens and the sense of ceremony, is also constantly injecting new trend elements to attract young audiences with a new network culture.In the words of netizens, now “Village Love” has mastered the tips of “local tide marketing” perfectly.Have you started watching “Country Love 14”?Source: General Elephant News, official microblog of Village Love

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