Focus on Beijing Winter Olympic Games preparations genting Ski Park OBS and NBC communication services opened

Hebei News (Hebei Daily reporter Fang Suju) learned from Hebei Unicom that, in recent days, the communication guarantee team of Genting Ski Park has been carefully deployed in advance and has gone all out to ensure the communication of the venues of Genting Ski Park.Recently, genting Ski Park OBS (Olympic Broadcasting Services) and NBC (NBC) communication services have been opened and accepted for delivery, “Media +” business points have also been tuned and tested.After receiving the notice of OBS entry, the communication support team of Genting Ski Park got in touch with OBS manager and relevant foreign experts in time, communicated and understood the change of communication demand, learned about some new and changed businesses, and quickly organized personnel to carry out construction work such as comprehensive wiring and service opening.The construction of new services requires rewiring and commissioning from the communication machine room in OBS area of China Unicom to the service area.From January 19 to 23, the communication support team worked hard through the night, and finally finished wiring and commissioning all the 15 international telephones and 12 OTN network ports added in OBS area.On January 22, NBC staff entered Genting Ski Park, where the room and location of toll card business were further clarified. The communication support team of Genting Ski Park immediately communicated with NBC foreign communication experts about business needs and locations to determine the business to be adjusted, and actively communicated with foreign experts to determine the specific business location.January 27 to complete the delivery of all NBC communications toll card business on time.The “Media Plus” service allows journalists to send photos to the media center in real time.After receiving the latest demand of “media +” business points, the communication support team of Genting Ski Park went to work, braving snow and snow and overcoming the difficulties of steep terrain, laid all the cables required by “media +” business of each track and completed the adjustment and test of “media +” business points within a week to ensure the timely operation of business.Pay attention to Hebei news network for the latest news in Hebei.

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