Hubei Tongcheng: enterprise continuous innovation market flourishing

Robot palletizing in hangrui Ceramics Workshop.Correspondent FuJing Ye perturbation of chaste tree hunan (hubei daily network) – (correspondent FuJing Ye) on February 10, the author entered the county city ceramics industry park, hubei HangRui ceramic company workers rushed order is busy in production workshop, the company developed through technical innovation of ceramic tile and wall rock plate products favored by customers, market sales.The workers are making ceramics.In response to the national carbon peak, carbon neutrality, green and low-carbon development concept, Hangrui ceramics took the lead in the development of pottery brick products with thickness below 8.5mm and wall rock plate products with thickness below 7mm through technological innovation. Many customers visited the factory and booked large numbers of orders in advance.In order to further reduce product energy consumption, the company also studies low-temperature quick-burning formula to reduce energy consumption per unit of product and increase output value per unit of energy consumption.At the same time, in order to solve the serious problem of homogenization of conventional products in the current market, Hangrui ceramics invested 100 million yuan in 2021 on a new 750*1500 rock plate production line, in order to meet the new situation of the market and adapt to the new needs of end customers.Workers transport ceramics in the production workshop.It is understood that the production line was put into production in May last year, because the kiln uses the industry’s smallest stick, perfect solution to the stick grain problem, the product out of the kiln will attract many customers, up to now, the production line for the company to create a profit of 5 million yuan.

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